Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have a new found love for pinwheels! They are so cute to me and they're fun to make! I ended up making up a little 'tag' set of three with bags. This set of mine did end up taking me one and a half days to finish. However I was working around my kids, so it could take less time to do.

The tags themselves are pretty simple, for the pinwheels I used a 3x3 square piece of paper. I cut all four corners towards the center and then folded every other corner to the center. I used a 'brad' for the center of the pinwheel. For the stick I used a bamboo skewer. For the grass I used a stencil and a cream chalk to color it in. I also did use a cream chalk around the top of the tag in a blue color. I added my two ribbons at the top, my saying and my little flower with pearl at the bottom.

For the bags I used a 3x3 square piece of paper. I added some floss around the bag and paper (went around three times), then tied it off. For the dragonfly I did paper quilling. This is the part that took me the longest. I do quilling on and off, so it always take me a minute to get back in routine of things. Quilling can seem somewhat hard for some (I was that way at first), I found that getting a start up kit was an easy way to be introduced to it. You can find quilling kits online and sometimes at your craft store. So, for the dragonfly body I used a 'Y' scroll (3" long and folded the paper in half, then rolled the ends outward). For the upper wings I did 'Marquises' (6" long, made size 4 loose circles and then pinched into marquises). For the lower wings I used the same technique as the upper wings. Though instead of doing size 4 loose circles I did size 5 loose circles. After I made all the pieces I glued them onto my bag. I then stamped on my 'hello'.

That's it! Nothing left but to put the tag in the bag! What's funny to me is I actually screwed up one of the tags and thought it was trash. I was so upset and then did some thinking of how to fix it and well, I think it worked! Can you tell what I may have messed up on?...

Supplies I used:

tags w/ bags (sara's surfaces -hot off the press)
papers (brenda walton -k&company)
brads (of your choice)
bamboo skewers
cream chalks (pebbles inc.)
floss (of your choice)
quilling papers
stamps (impression obsession)
ribbon (of your choice)
black ink (of your choice) 
flowers (prima)
pearls (recollections)

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  1. Such cute pinwheels and tags and bags! I can't tell what you "messed up" on, it all looks perfectly arranged...whatever it was, you certainly fixed it! Great set...what fun!