Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A lovely flower....

Greetings everyone, hope your all having a great week so far!! So, I am back to feeling normal, minus the runny/stuffy nose (allergies now are starting to act up)! Sooner or later I'll get a break from all this stuff.

Okay, so the card I share with you today, is something a worked on last night.

Now, it may be a little hard to tell in my picture?....but the vellum on top is actually textured. I stamped my flower stamp on my vellum, as well as a piece of patterned paper. For my flower on my patterned paper, I took scissors and trimmed out my flower. I then, layed my vellum on top of my cut out flower, lining it up. I wanted the flower to stand out but at the same time have it be somewhat settle. I choose no greeting, I think the flower says enough (didn't want too much going on, nor take the eyes away from the flower). This was a little different of a card for me to do, considering I don't really use vellum too much....have lots of it and I don't even know why I bought so much to begin with? Must have been a good buy/impluse at the time/etc. lol

Thank you for stopping by today and have a great day!! :)

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  1. Hope you are feeling better now, Shelley! I love this card...great use of vellum, I'll have to try this (I have it and rarely think to use it!)!