Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Happy Birthday card.

Hey everyone, hopefully you're all having a great week, so far?!! Well, today I share with you a birthday card I made for my step-father. This month alone, is one of my busiest for birthday's! So, there will probably be a good chunk of birthday cards, popping up on my blog!

So, here's my card!

I have such a hard time doing masculine birthday cards! And for some reason, I don't think it will get any easier for me?! :/ My brain is gonna be on overload because this is only the first, of many more masculine cards to come!

I tried something, I've never tried before. And that was using Balsa Wood! I'm sure others have used it and I've been always wanting to play around with it. I have say, I'll probably keep playing around with it because I really do like what it looks like on a card! :) Maybe I'm in my own little world, thinking it looks good??....I'll just have to see what, you all think about it! :)

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day!!


  1. Shelly, this is a great masculine birthday card! I love the balsa wood...I haven't tried it before, either. Maybe I will...perfect for a male card!