Friday, December 14, 2012


Hey y'all! Happy Friday!! What a crazy busy week.....and I have a feeling, next week is gonna be even crazier!! I'm sure it'll calm back down, after the holiday's. ;) I just have to wait, a little bit longer.

So, I'm here to share another card I made! I'm lovin' the fact, my creativity is back! :) My card today, is for the current Casology challenge. I missed last week's challenge because of my creativity issues. I sure wasn't gonna let that be the case, this week!

Once again, this card just came to me. I was thinking "gift" and gonna go off the whole "box present" thing, then something else came to me.

When I was little I always wanted a tricycle...though, I never got one. I had plenty of friends that had them but unfortunately, it was out of my parents budget. Then I always heard my mom tell me, my legs were too long and they would hit the handle bars. That I would grow out of it too fast and not be able to ride it for long. So, as I grew....I still never got a tricycle, but I did get a bike with training wheels! Those training wheels never really worked mom would hang on to the bike for two seconds, then she would let go of it. Eventually, I learned how to ride my bike. Though, it seemed like "stopping" took longer to learn, than riding the bike itself. I also, worked my way up to a banana seat bike!! Hey, for me that was like the cadillac, of bikes. You could get your friends on there, with you! lol :) Good times....

So this is my gift, to you! If you never had a tricycle either, you do now!! :)

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the weekend!!


  1. My experience was so different. My mom made us ride trikes until we were old enough for a bike - 10, in her opinion! lol! I love the big bow on your tricycle! Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us this week at CASology!

  2. Ah, the gift you always wanted! I had a tricycle, and then a Big Wheel before my first bike...good times! Thanks for sharing a cute card and a sweet story!

  3. Been a while since I've seen this trike I've designed...thanks for making me smile! Your card is simply sweet.

  4. i LOVE your take on the cue word, shelly... fabulous out of the box (present) thinking!!! thanks for playing along with CASology this week!

  5. This is a perfect gift for little ones!! I had a tricycle as a little girl, but...I had to share it with my older brother and that proved to be a difficult task! LOL!

    Love this cute little tricycle and its gemstone decoration! Love how you placed your sentiment too!

    Thanks so much for joining us again at CASology! :)

    p.s. Banana seats were THE thing back in my childhood too, so I completely understand your excitement!

  6. lol Love your story... the bright bold red is a perfect pop of color.. great CAS card.. hugs

  7. How cute! And what a sweet story too...I always wanted George Clooney but I couldn't find a stamp showing him! Congrats on your honourable mention!

  8. Popping in to congratulate you, Shelly, on the HM shoutout from CASology for your spectacular take on this challenge!