Tuesday, January 26, 2016

(Hearts) Be Mine

Hey y'all! Hope all is well?!...

I'm not sure about y'all, but I'm beyond done with this whole 'winter' thing! lol Nothing but too cold for me and my family...we're sooo ready for Summer!! Yes, Summer! Spring is lovely, but we really want our heat back! ;)

Anyhoo, enough with my weather rambling. I'm swinging on in today because I'm up on A Jillian Vance Design blog! Here's a little peek for you.

I'd love it, if you'd swing on over to A Jillian Vance Design blog and leave some love there! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Also, lately my crafty mojo has something else going on!...I keep thinking of all these things, but then when I actually try and create them, nothing. Not one thing works. So, soon I hope it will return and I'll be posting more frequently. ;) Sorry about my 'here and there' posts.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Shelly love your card in the bright pink! I am so with you about the cold. Usually we go to Florida in the winter to stay warm but last year when we went we had to wear a jacket the whole time. Hope you get your heat back soon!

  2. lovely bright pink and cute heart I see on your sneak peek :)

  3. Shelly, I relate completely to the 'mojo somewhere else' situation! I have plenty of ideas and incentive, but the final results? Let's just say the only thing 'happy' is Mr. Recycle Bin, patting a very full tummy! Your sweet Valentine card is truly delightful; those little hearts sporting their cupid arrows are darling!