Sunday, December 18, 2016

Going Wild

Hey y'all! Happy Sunday!
Hope you're all having a great day?!...

Lately, I've been so stressed/busy. I'm trying to tell myself to slow down and enjoy things, though it doesn't seem to be working much.?. My escape is creating, which helps, yet with everything going on lately it has been hard to get in the groove of things. Is it just me or is anyone else feeling this way lately, too?...

Anyhoo, I did take a little break from everything and made a card for the current Unity Be Inspired challenge on Facebook. I saw the challenge a little bit ago and had it in the back of my mind to play, but wasn't really really sure if I'd be able to or not. Though, I'm more than happy that I was able to! :)

I kept things simple and did some masking. Once done, a little fun coloring with markers and then topped things off with my sentiment and some twine. Easy peasy, right?!...

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day and see y'all soon!


  1. It is a fun card! I hope you get to enjoy your holiday.

  2. Super duper adorable!! Lovely coloring!!

  3. Really cute little scene, you did great with the masking and coloring! Fab!

  4. Such a fun card, Shelly; glad that you found some stress-relief in creating it! Wish I could wave a magic wand to bring you less stress and less busy. For what it's worth: I can totally relate! At the moment, my husband's brother is at our place (has been since Friday and will be until Friday...) sprucing up our place: drywall and taping, painting, etc. We're in a construction zone and it's already driving me zany! I'm looking forward to heading to my mom's on Friday; I *need* - really need - some mom time (even though I'm well beyond being a 'little girl'!)! Sending hugs your way; we'll be okay, right? Right!!

  5. Oh Shelly, this is super cute and your coloring is awesome! :) I know exactly what you are saying about being rushed and not being able to enjoy your "outlet" for it all!! I'm feeling the same right now and thankful that I have a few minutes to catch up while baking my last batch! LOL!

  6. What a fab owl and amazing coloring! Merry Christmas, Autumn