Saturday, February 11, 2017

Thank you

Hey y'all! Happy Saturday!
Hope all is well?!...

I'm actually typing this post on Friday but am delaying to post it until today. I've had nothing but a rough week and have been trying to just get through it. Though 'Friday' really seem to put the cherry on top of all the chaos. I really don't have much for words...I will say things started with my phone falling in the Oh, I tried laughing that one off but should have known it was probably a sign that more things were coming my way. Ugh. Guess we all have those kinds of weeks, right?!...

Anyhoo, I'm sharing a card I made for the current Altenew February 2017 Inspiration Challenge.

Keeping in my true fashion, I kept my card simple, letting the stamps do all the work. ;) 

Seriously, I have to say...One of the things I love about Altenew stamps is their layering stamps are simply amazing and you really don't have to add or do much with them to make them 'pop'! I just love them! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day and see you soon!  


  1. Fantastic coloring! Love the boldness.

  2. One of my fave Altenew flowers and off the egde too, I love it Shelly!

  3. I agree with you about those Altenew stamps; they layer perfectly and I love the large images. But it takes a special kind of talent and some serious skill to make them beautiful. You've accomplished that in spades. This is one gorgeous card. Hope you're all done with the rough time. I can relate...this week has been a real doozy. Take care. Bev

  4. Beautifully stamped, Shelly! Your inking is awesome in this! So glad that you join the fun over Altenew February Inspiration Challenge! WONDERFUL!

  5. The color of the FLOWER
    woooooww Shelly
    Great vibrant color!

  6. Poor you, Shelly! Hope the doozy of a week transformed to being much better with the arrival of the weekend. I can empathize, as mine, too was...well, you know what I mean! Phone in the toilet...oh my! I thought I was the only one who *those* kinds of experiences! The Altenew layered stamps certainly are pretty, but YOUR talents have elevated this one to gorgeous! Stunning take on the inspiration photo; someone will be overjoyed when this gem arrives in their mailbox!