Saturday, August 3, 2019

Best Wishes

Hey y'all!
Happy Saturday, hope you're enjoying the weekend?!...

It's been rain and thunderstorms here, off and on. So nothing but staying inside for the most part and crafting when I can. ;)

I'm swinging in to share a 'just for fun' card. I FINALLY put to use the Make A Fish die from Waffle Flower! It only has taken me a, maybe not a year but a long time! lol ;) I fell in love with this die when I first saw it! And I wanted it for the longest time but things never seemed to 'line up for me' or 'I spaced it'. Then I happened to be browsing the internet, when something told me to look for it. I did and it happened to be on sale (bonus) and the rest is history. ;)

Well, thank goodness for a print out on how to assemble this fish! lol I first tried without anything and was easily lost with what pieces go with what. Not that it was bad looking, I just didn't use over half the pieces! lol Thankfully I had some sense to me to look at the die on Waffle Flower and found the chart showing everything. lol Note: I still didn't use every piece because of the direction I was going with things. But I will be making more and using all the pieces for sure. So many options. ;)

Something about me, I love koi fish and so that's what I was trying to replicate. We have so many koi fish at our zoo. There is always this one that is tucked away in a little nook (so to speak) and it is the biggest most awesome koi ever! It is white with accents of black, red, and orange. So that's what led me to my color choices. I even added a touch of silver glitter cardstock. If you really look closely at a koi fish (and perhaps most fish) I swear there seems to always be a shimmer to them!?!...So that's where the silver came from. ;)

Well, I'm sure I talked enough. lol
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your weekend! :)


  1. Koi fish are so pretty I can see why you like them.. This card is amazing.. cool background. Have a wonderful weekend.