Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whew! What A Trip!

Hey everyone, I am finally back!! Let me fill you in on my trip!! :)

 I haven't been on a plane in about 6yrs. or so and that plane ride did a number on me! For starters, I went from Florida all the way to Oregon!! Talk about my time being off...and let's not forget the BIG climate change!! Whoa! Then, my flights there and back, had so much turbulance, you couldn't get up out of your seat!! Even the flight attendents were sitted, that there can give you somewhat of an idea on how bad it was!  I had connection flights in Houston, that was interesting...going to Oregon, I had only about 15min to spare before getting on the plane! And coming back, was no better! I actually made the gate in time, as they were making the last call for all passengers!! Talk about cutting it close! I can't tell you, how happy I am to be back home!!! :) And I also made it back in one piece! lol :)

Besides all my plane issues, time changes, and weather changes...It was a great trip! It was sooooo good to see my dad and his wife (let's not forget, my brother too!)!! They have such a cozy and welcoming home, it made my stay very comfortable for me. :) This also was the first time I've been away from my husband and kids, you can only imagine how hard that was!!....though I did stay in touch, via phone and text.

So overall, great! Would I do it again?...Not anytime soon! lol I'm still trying to get back on my time schedule and not to mention, catch back up with my kids (many other things too)!! :) I also just celebrated my youngest son's 3rd birthday on Saturday! I'm still wondering how I'm standing up?!! lol :)

Now, I also have a card to share. I was playing around last night and decided to do something a little with chalk! I don't always do too much with chalk but it was sitting there in front of me. I figured I was suppose to do something with it?! I think my card came out good but I always second guess myself, when I haven't worked much with something...? I used some cream chalks, which I used only one color but used it a little darker in places. I hope you like?! :)

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope soon I'll be back on my schedule....Have so much more to share with you all!! :)

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