Friday, July 22, 2016

Let us celebrate

Hey y'all! Happy Friday!! :)
Hope all is well?!...

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Sooo, have y'all seen the Virginia's View Challenge?!!...To be honest, I saw it from day one. Though, it has taken me this long to finally make something for it! lol ;)

Well...y'all know I do some coloring but this much coloring?!!...

After stamping all those images, I started coloring one and then thought 'what did I get myself into?'!...Talk about hand cramping and trying to remember to breathe because I would hate to mess up half way through! lol I really didn't know if I could do it or not. Let alone, I had no idea if I would even like it or what/how it was gonna become a card.

*confession: if you look closely, you can tell there's sprinkles on top of the ice cream. I was gonna color the sprinkles different colors but then (and I'll call it what it is...) I got lazy about it. lol However, there are chocolate sprinkles, so we can just say they're chocolate sprinkles. ;)*

Sure enough after finishing, I couldn't think of what to do next. After some thinking and looking at some embellishments. I decided on a little wood veneer piece to be my sentiment...I really didn't want to cover up all that coloring I did. ;)

So what do you think?!...

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your Friday and weekend!
See you soon!


  1. WOWZA Shelly! Your card is amazing!

  2. Your coloring looks amazing Shelly!Love the colors!

  3. Wow!! Awesome and so yummy looking Shelly!! :)

  4. oh my this is awesome.. great stamping and coloring.. love it

  5. Steely love your colouring, your card looks so pretty.

  6. What do I think? Well...How about you should color more often! Fantastic card, and I'm sooooo with you. After all that gorgeous coloring, I'm glad you didn't cover up those ice cream cones. This looks delicious (and I prefer chocolate sprinkles anyway, lol). GREAT card. Bev

  7. Shelly wow! I can't believe all the colouring and it looks so fantastic!

  8. You've created an absolutely scrumptious card, Shelly! Awesome colouring of yummy images! I agree: a 'little' sentiment (or none outside at all!) works perfect; your artwork deserves to be the star of the stage!

  9. So worth the marathon effort Shelly, your card is incredible and the idea to add the wood veneer sentiment was genius, it's the perfect highlight to your card without overpowering it.

  10. That's a whole lotta ice cream and I'm sure your cramped hand was very grateful to have it all done! Super cute design!

  11. Wow!! Fabulous coloring! I love how you added the little flag, perfect for showing off your coloring!!