Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cute zombie?...

Hey y'all!
Hope all is well?!...

So, is there really a such thing as a 'cute' zombie?!?...Well, hopefully so! When I saw the Casology challenge being 'zombie' I thought, how fun is this! Buuut there was one problem...I don't have any zombie stamps! After some serious creative thinking, I was able to wing it. maybe.

Oh, I couldn't resist making that sweet little girl into a zombie! I really was just having some fun with this! I actually enjoyed it so much, that I may have to do it again. ;) (Then again, after looking at this...maybe she just looks sick?! But I guess a zombie is sick, right?!..ha.)

My next challenge was finding a sentiment that would work. After 'sifting' through my stamps (over and over), I came across an older Sweet Stamp Shop set and thought the sentiment would be as close as it could to being a good fit!

So, what do you think?!!...A cute zombie?!...

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Enjoy your day!


  1. oh my how cute. i love that you colored her green.. the cutest zombie ever..

  2. Yes there is such a thing and she is on your cute card! Thank you for sharing with usu at CASology this week!

  3. Goal accomplished, Shelly: you've created a cute zombie! Love that she's carrying flowers...

  4. Hehehe!! I LOVE it!! Great way to stretch your stamps!!

  5. Yes, YES! A cute zombie, indeed! How clever of you, Shelly! Now I'm looking at my "little girl" stamps in a different light...possible zombies? Clever and fun! Thanks for playing along at CASology this week!

  6. Yup - you rocked the cute zombie! I love this! Thanks for playing along with CASology this week!

  7. Awe!! This is just as cute as can be!! I wouldn't be scared of her at all!! :)

  8. Hahaha, I love your cute little zombie girl!! Very creative, Shelly. I feel the need to zombify something cute of my own : )