Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hey y'all! Another stop in for me today! ;)

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Talk about cutting it close on time...well, I guess there's a day left. But still. lol I've been seeing a lot of people joining in on The Hop to Stop and I thought it was a great cause to bring awareness to! And to be quite honest, it wasn't something I was even aware of until I started seeing it around blogland...with inspiration comes some knowledge. ;)

Okay, so here's my card.

Oooh, just look at all the purple!! While you may not see much of purple(s) on my cards, you now know I do indeed have purple inks! lol (Note to self: don't be afraid to use purple!)

So I kept things real easy and just used a couple different purple inks for my flowers. Then did some die cutting and layered my pieces together. Simple, yeah?!...

Be sure to swing on over to The Hop to Stop aka Becca's blog! Hope to see you there!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day!


  1. owwww, I love the black and white with purple. My husband and I were just talking about that this morning! What colors catch your eyes. I said I would pick up anything if it was black and white with just a pop of color! Wonderful job! It is beautiful

  2. It's a beautiful shade of purple Shelly! Love it!

  3. The word hope is so appropriate for the Hop to Stop Domestic violence. Your projects are gorgeous...I will be dropping in again.
    Do drop by my blog when you can
    Dr Sonia

  4. How pretty and fun!
    I found you through Becca’s Link up in the Hop to Stop!

    Designs by Sammy

  5. Beautiful card for the Hop to Stop! I love purple but hardly ever used it before the hop. The word Hope really pops and looks like it's just floating there - awesome job! Thanks for caring about domestic violence awareness and for supporting the hop.

  6. Artsy, funky, fabulous and fun! Yes, you need to 'wear' purple more often..it looks great on you! Love this1

  7. How awesome!! The flowers look amazing and I love your popped sentiment! :)

  8. wow this card is stunning.. you totally rocked that purple.. i love this

  9. Such a fun card. Love how you went bold with the purple!

  10. So pretty! Love the way hope is highlighted

  11. Love the different shades of purple you have used and the artsy looking card! Perfect card for the hop to stop DV!

  12. Purple looks good on you! You DEFINITELY should play with it more often if this stunning piece is any indication of what you can do with the color. Love it. Thank you SO much for sharing your art at the Hop to Stop.

  13. Your card is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the rosettes and the layered "HOPE" die cut! I cannot think of a more perfect word to share with a person experiencing domestic violence, a loved one wanting to help, and every survivor. Yes, HOPE is a powerful word. Your lovely card truly says it all! <3

  14. you know I love purple
    and I adore the flowers plus that double sentiment
    awesome design and still CAS typish of Shelly hehe
    miss you sweety
    hugs, Monika