Monday, February 11, 2019

Ice cream love

Hey y'all!
Happy Monday, hope your week is starting off right?!...

I have quite the busy week this week and next week. I have some dentist appointments for my kids this week and next week. Then in between the mix, it's my youngest boys' birthday on the 18th. Though I still need to get him a few things and figure out what I'm doing for his yeah, a little crazy for sure. ;)

Though, I'm still finding some time to create! Yay! :) I did make this card for the Current Paper Smooches 'Hearts' Challenge.

Ice cream, anyone?!...

Who doesn't love ice cream?!...I really enjoy a good vanilla ice cream or if I'm getting 'fancy' I'll take coconut or mango. heehee. And I should clarify that by 'fancy' I don't mean something like gold flakes on top, I just mean something other than good old vanilla. lol ;) Anyhow, I'm starting to ramble on and on...

As you can see I kept things simple. Just some coloring with markers and die cutting. And rather than having just a plain background, I used an embossing folder. Say what?! I actually pulled out an embossing folder! Do people still use embossing folders?...I don't think I heard of them much lately?...I don't know. Though, I saw the x's and o's on it and thought it would work perfectly. ;) Sweet, yeah?!...

Well, I guess that's enough of me chatting for the day (or evening here).
Thanks so much for stopping by!
See you soon! :)

And you can see once again 'photo editing' beat me. lol Hence why I had to add a second close up photo. ;)


  1. this is so fun... i love those little ice creams and cool background. Happy Valentines Day Shelly. hugs

  2. Awww...cute!
    P/s: I love coconut and mango ice-cream!

  3. yuuum I want your ice cream
    lets go together eat ice cream my friend
    what A CUTE CARD

  4. I always use the embossing folder to make background for my CAS card not looks so plaid
    I like the embossing folder
    if you look my February cards (please look sweety)
    they are much with EF..brick...stripes...etc :)

  5. What a fabulous card- it's simple, neon, and AMMMMMMMAZING! I think it's weird that many people (me included) eat ice cream in the WINTER!!!!! I am usually cold (always wearing a sweater) but I still pull out that tub of ice cream each night! LOL! <3 Thanks for joining in the fun with our February challenge!