Sunday, February 3, 2019

Kitty love

Hey y'all!
Happy Sunday, hope all is well?!...

I'm swinging in today to share a 'just for fun' card. I thought I'd do a little ink blending and make a scene for my card. A simple scene. ;)

Are those little kittens cute or what?!...I just wanted to do something fun with them. Being 'love is in the air' I thought I'd go with that for a theme.

I know it may be hard to tell, but the die cut sentiment says 'hello'. I probably should have done it in another color or somehow changed the angle of my photo...buuut we all know how time consuming editing photos can be. Right? So it is what it is. ;) 

Well, that's all for me today.
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Bright. Beautiful. And oh so happy!

  2. You're so funny. I hate photo editing! Darling card, Shelly. Everyone looks like they're enjoying their Valentines! Your blended background is perfect! I might have to start practicing that and CASE this card! xo Bev

  3. yaayy cute window colors outside there and cute Kitty woooowww
    super duper cute my sweet friend