Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rising Star!

Well to start things off, let's just say this was one of the hardest cards to take a picture of! I tried a number of different areas in my house, lighting, camera settings, etc. It was just a pain, I used a yellow pearlescent paper on my card and I can bet you that probably didn't do me justice.

Besides all of that, I made a wonderful card to share with you all! How I thought of making this card, I don't really know. It just sort of came to me in my head. For the main star, I traced (using a reg pencil) a star template I have. This gave my a outline on where I needed to put my eyelets at. Once I punched all my holes out, I erased my lines. I used a white vinyl pencil eraser, I love it because it doesn't ruin the paper and it even will erase other things besides just pencil. Okay, back to the card now. After doing all that I set my eyelets in place. I then added a few silver star 'brads'. Now for my 'quote' I stamped it on the yellow pearlescent paper I had. After stamping it, I used a label template I had to trace around my quote, then cut it out. I did use little foam squares on the back of my 'star' paper and on the back of my quote.

I am showing the same card twice because of the lighting issues and I really can't say which one I think looks better.

Supplies: white cardstock, yellow pearlescent paper, black paper, yellow eyelets, silver star brads, star template (hot off the press), label template (hot off the press), ink (black by colorbox), stamp (practicing creativity designs), foam squares.

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  1. What a creative design! LOVE the star and the eyelets...great idea! I need to try this...I have so many eyelets and never seem to use them enough.

    I know how hard it is to take a good picture, especially when yellow is involved. Why is that?! In any case, your card is awesome!