Friday, November 21, 2014

'A little bit of fun' winner!

Hey y'all! I'm just swinging on in to share the winner for my 'a little bit of fun' post.

I must say, I sure loved reading your thoughts/guesses! I never even would have thought of some of them! I guess it goes to show, everyone truly does see things differently! ;)

Okay. I had a total of 3 'seas'. Which were:

The 'sea' itself.
The color I used for the sea was 'sea' breeze.
And the 'sea' grass.

Again, after reading all your guesses, I see there could have been many more! ;)

So, I had '' give me my winner. Which chose...

Yay, Maria! If you could please send me an email with your address, I'll be sure to get your goodies out to you! ;)

Thank you so much to all! And I really don't want to leave anyone empty handed (seeing there were a little more 'seas' than I thought). So, I would love to send y'all a card!...Please email me, if you would like a card and I'll be sure to get one to you! :) 

Enjoy your day!


  1. That was a REALLY fun game, I guess I thought too hard about it!!! Ha!!! I thought it was great!....I would LOVE th receive a card from you, and I will send one in return... Let me know our favorite color, flower, and or I can malke you something you will like!!! . my e-mail:

  2. Oh, Shelly, lookee there. Mr. Random was so good to me. But I really don't want you to have to pay postage to Germany. Why don't you put Mr. Random back to work?!?