Thursday, April 6, 2017

Just beacause

Hey y'all! Happy Thursday, almost Friday!!
Hope all is well?!...

I've still been sneaking in some crafty time, among everything else that has been going on. Which does make me quite happy. :)

And on another note, I have said this time and time again...I need to stop buying things!! lol Seriously, the hardest thing for me to resist are the new releases and well, just about anything!! haha! I think for the next couple months or so, I'm going to take a break from buying things and enjoy all what I have. :) I will still look at the new releases and whatnot annnd maybe even put some things in a cart. But no buying! ;)

Anyhow, enough with me rambling on and on...I do have a card to share and it's a 'just because' card. No DT work, no challenges, no nothing. Just because...

I've been trying to use this stamp set for a little while now, though nothing was wanting to come to me. Until yesterday, that was. I pulled out my pigment inks, yes you heard that right! Pigment inks. They need love too, right?!...I chose to do a mix of light to medium colors. I really didn't have an idea of what to do, though opted to go with the flow things. ;) As usual, I kept my card clean and once done with my design, I added my sentiment. Easy peasy, yeah?!...
(I also think this stamp set might be a new favorite! So many options with this one!) :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day and see you soon...I'm off to do some commenting!


  1. It's fun to work on those 'just for fun' cards, isn't it?! So glad you found time to make this. Those medium-ish pigment colors turned out beautifully on the kraft. And the bold sentiment is the absolutely perfect choice to finish it off. What a cool card, Shelly. I do love this one. And if it's any consolation, I've got about $100 in a SSS cart right now, just waiting for me to push that!! And thanks for the heads-up about CASology; I eta'd my post! : ) Bev

  2. Love this! The flowers look awesome stamped on kraft. And good luck with your buying hiatus. I've been doing that a bit too. Trying to show the stuff I've already got some love!

  3. I have a hard time not buying things too! We should collaborate on something, eh? Beautifully done card.

  4. This looks awesome, love the pigment on kraft!

  5. simply adorable using that white ink and color on the Kraft Paper
    sweet CAS card Shelly
    next week kids have holiday for 2 weeks..
    Mommy busy hehehe
    wish you and your kids all healthy
    and nice new Profile Picture sweety
    ooppss when is your bday..I knew you are Aries girl...
    mail me please....(my bday is on monday 10 April hehe )

  6. Really sweet card!

    P/s: I have an Amazon fantasy cart in case I win the lottery...*winks*

  7. Sometimes the most marvelous cards appear when we're not feeling the pressure of DT tasks or 'occasions'...and that's precisely what I see here (although ALL your cards are fantastic!). Your pastel images on kraft are lovely; perfect for your 'just because' card (those are the most fun to make, aren't they!). I'm trying to not buy...and then Concord & 9th's release came out. Don't know how much longer I can resist (not that I'm 'enabling' or anything, but have you checkout out Tupelo shipping the in the US...just sayin' *grin*)