Monday, April 10, 2017

Party Animals

Hey y'all! Happy Monday!
Hope your week is off to a great start?!...

Today, is the first day of my kids' spring break! I'm happy to have a week of just doing whatever and whenever. lol Though, my youngest happens to be running a fever today, so I hope this isn't the start of how things are gonna go this week. :/

Anyhow, I do have a card to share today. I actually made this card a couple days ago, though just couldn't find the time to edit it and post it. Well, until today that is. ;)

Another 'just for fun' card. I've still been on my 'no more buying' kick, which is proving to be really hard. lol However, I order this stamp set and a few others before going on my no more buying kick. (just thought I'd share that lol)

Once again, I pulled out my colored pencils to color my images in. I kept things simple and chose no sentiment because if I'm being honest, I didn't want to mess anything up! lol Please tell me I'm not the only one who has ever done that?!... ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day and see you soon!


  1. Well that is some perfect coloring!

  2. Catching up time! Hope the thought bubbles of awe I send (express mail!) reached you! *grin* I need to go on a no buying kick and stick with it! Too many goodies that haven't been opened! Your card is seriously adorable and yes, I often go sentiment-free for precisely the reason you mentioned: avoiding a potential mess up! Hope your little one feels better soon! Spring Break: enjoy!!

  3. hiyaa this image so cuuute
    and the coloring so soooftt dear Shelly
    cuuutee card ever and sooo CAS

  4. I am job less to since 1 March and not buying anything I TRY HARD but I can hehe
    you know if you see Ebay and try to added DIES and location seller is in Hongkong..they sell ceapher DIES
    my one here is only 2,50 Euro or so..
    look this card sweety (you can skip to publish this comment with link hehe)

  5. one more Shelly this is my sketch
    would you mind to play along too
    see this Link sweety