Friday, June 10, 2016

CASology Featured Designer-Post 4

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! :)

I'm swinging back on in to share my last CASology Featured Designer post! I have had sooo much fun being featured...thank you again, Melissa!! :)

So here we are with today's post, sharing a peek into where all the creativity happens. ;) Without further ado...Let's take a look!

*Note: I probably should have cleaned my area better, though I didn't want it too clean because you may not have believed that I use it! lol*

(I always have a jacket or sweater on the back of my chair...darn hot and cold flashes! lol)
(My desk is an 'L' shaped desk with storage on the end, underneath, and drawers on the other side. Those piles of stamps/dies on my desk?...I always put my new stamps/dies on top until I use them, then put them away. And I do always put them in clear sleeves before anything. ;)) 

(Twine, mambi sheets (addicted to those!!...they make great bags, wrapping paper, etc.), sticker maker, and light box are stored here.)
(All my stamps and dies are stored in these clear containers. Except for my wood mount stamps, those are in the kraft photo box.)
Sequins and more sequins. Those little bags hold all my random embellishments (buttons, flair, etc.), which I labeled with washi tape.
(Washi tape, a few more embellishments (mostly enamel dots), and colored pencils.) 
This was my desk when I first got it. As you can see, I rearranged a few things on top. My drawers are filled with my stamping blocks/tools (top drawer), ink pads (middle drawer), and cardstock/watercolor paper/vellum/etc. and a few more tools (bottom drawer). 
Believe it or not, my work space is nothing but a corner in my bedroom. Yep. One corner and nothing more. I recently upgraded my work area with an actual desk because before I went through a number of things. From the floor, to tv tray, to an old entertainment center, a desk was a big thing for me! ;) I searched and searched for a desk that would not only fit in the corner but would hold everything that I had. Thankfully, I was able to find something that not only fit and held everything, but was affordable for me. :)

I couldn't be any happier with my space! Though I will still probably tweak a few things because well, that's just what I always seem to do! lol ;)

I hope you enjoyed everything I've shared with you?!!...Thanks again for having me, Melissa!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your Friday and weekend...see y'all soon!


  1. Looks awesome Shelly! It's perfect! You're so organized! Love the pops of AQUA.

  2. Shelly, I love your cozy space! It's so organized and sometimes I feel like this size of space would help me be more creative than the roomy one I currently have. I'm not complaining, but sometimes less is more!!! Yours looks so inviting and practical! LOVE it!!! Thank you so much for being our Featured Designer for the past month over at CASology! Your CAS designs are always so fun and creative!!! :)

  3. It's absolutely amazing how much you have packed into your tidy little nook of craft space Shelly!

  4. You did NOT clean your craft room? sure looks clean lady!! :) Way cleaner than what mine looks like! It looks like you have a nice clean and organized area to work in for sure!! Thanks for sharing! HUGS

  5. Such fun to see your lovely little corner. It "fits" you perfectly!

  6. love your crafty space.. your so organized. :)

  7. I'm in awe of your organisation and order. So neat.

  8. What a fantastically organized little corner you have. Easy to see how you can be creative, with everything at your fingertips. Thanks so much for being our Featured Designer here at CASology this month.

  9. Thanks for sharing your craft space, Shelly. You should see mine...right now it looks like a tornado went through here, lol. Love all the white and how tidy yours is. One of these days, mine will look as sweet as your does. Bev

  10. Shelly thank you for sharing your space, I think you are so organized. I love your clean, white space that seems so cozy in your bedroom. Your containers you have your washi tape in are really unique and look like the perfect fit! Thank you for sharing with us and I think that tweaking our organization is an ongoing process--and fun!

  11. So wonderful and tidy and organised. I have a room to use, lucky me, and I have spread out all over it. I dream of being organised and I collect too much stuff but I love looking at how others set their areas up. Its amazing looking at all your wonderful cards that you dont have a whole studio full to the brim with all the stuff you would need. Goes to show that maybe I need to stop shopping.

  12. Gorgeous craft space you have, Shelly! Love the large table and so organized! It is a very inviting space!

  13. Lovely, and very organized and tidy :-)

  14. Love seeing your craft space!!! Wish mine was so organized and clean looking!!!

  15. Shelly, I love that desk! Where did you get it. You can't dangle that desk at us and not tell us where to get one..........can you?

  16. What a beautiful space Shelly. I am jelly.

  17. Shelly, what a clean, bright, organized space...I LOVE it!!! It has been great having you as a Featured Artist at CASology!!!

  18. Shelly your space is bright, convenient, well organized - perfect for all the lovely cards that come from it, and your heart!

  19. What a great little corner, and I'm totally impressed by how well it cleans up! Even when I clean up it's really not clean....

  20. so tidy and so lovely look on your space
    I have ever seen on your other post and now read the explanation
    love it
    if I am your neighbour will visit you again and again to play with your stamp and DIES
    I am so like you
    put my new stamp at my table haha
    cause if I put on my drawer (Ikea cabinet) then I forgot it and never used it until a year and I realized oh I ever bought it (bad brain on my head haha)
    jump again to your other post

  21. Such a wonderful creative space, it's so inviting and organised (although I did spy that you may 'need' just one more box to hold your washi tapes lol).

  22. Oh.... My rom is not tidy like yours LOL!!!