Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Happy birthday!

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday?...I think that's right?! ;)
Hope all is well?!

Now, before I get to my card. Could you help me out some?...You see, late last night I got a new laptop. My last one was obviously a 'lemon'. I mean having it serviced 3 times though HP and then another issue last night that ended up with me going to store where I bought it so they could look at. No computer I know, should be having that many issues. And even the tech guy had to agree with me. It was no good. Thankfully, I purchased the extra 2 yr warranty on it and the store was so helpful and went out of their way to get me situated! I even saved some money and got the difference put back on my credit card! That's a win win if you ask me. ;)

Anyhow, since having different laptop, of course my photos look way different than before. Of course. So I'm thinking now, maybe they suppose to look this way and my old laptop was just off?...I don't know. Though, if you could let me know how my photo looks to you, that would be so helpful to me! ;) Then I can least know if I'm somewhat on the right track of things or if I'm just way off on things. lol (Honestly, it wouldn't be the first time I was off on something.)

Okay, so here goes. And believe it or not, I'm gonna enter this into the current Creative with Stamps challenge! Good or bad photo, it's going in the pot! ;)

Sooo...what do you think?!...

I used some new Waffle Flower Crafts goodies and really just had some fun with them! I didn't have a layout for my card, let alone what I was even gonna do. Just went with the flow. ;) Somehow it all worked out in the end. lol Thankfully. 

*Here is the same card I edited on my old laptop. Does it look better, worse, somewhat the same?...on my end it looks dark in the background but bold up front.*

Thanks so much for stopping by and helping me out some!
Have a great day and see you soon! 


  1. Cute, cute card! Love the bright colors!

  2. yaayy cute fish and I love that DP
    lovely balloons that the fish have
    and I love your cute manly card Shelly
    busy with kids?but you have a nice room to make cards
    run there and make some more sweety hehe

  3. Totally cute card Shelly! I'm not sure what you mean by 'off' but the photo looks nice and bright and clear to see... hope this is helpful.

  4. I think your photos are fine! Cute card!

  5. Adorable card!!! I can definitely see that the second card is darker! I like the first card better!! Good luck with the new computer!!

  6. Fun card love the colours :)

  7. Very cute card!
    Both photos are fine, but it looks like the second one has a better white balance from my laptop!
    Thank you for joining us at Creative With Stamps!
    The Leaf Studio

  8. This is super cute! Love the bold happy colors. And great coloring! :) Thank you so much for joining us at Creative with Stamps! :)

  9. Super cute card! Love the bright colours!

    P/s: Don't worry about your project photos. It will always look different on different computers.As long as it looks good to you.

  10. Just awesome - love those colorful stripes!

  11. ACK!! WOW!! This is just as CUTE as can be!! Really LOVE the colorful design Shelly!! :)

  12. Lovely, bright colours! This card caught my eye! I just love it! Thank you for joining us at CWS challenge this month.
    Hugs, Mary (DT member)