Saturday, June 25, 2011

'Congrats' cards!

So if you haven't heard, it's the 2011 'Gallery Idol' contest! This is my first time entering in the contest. I only entered in two cards as of now, due to my crazy schedule...After all, it only takes one card to win!

I wanted to keep my cards fairly simple, yet have a little 'pop' to them. The 'hot air balloon' card, I added some pop by using floss for the clouds. The outcome is great to me but did require some steady work. For my 'green & blue' card, I added my pop just by using a few simple rinestones. Very easy to do and quick.

Good luck to all of you who have entered in the contest and I can't wait to see who takes it all!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Special Ingredient!

This is just a little card I made up, I went for some fancy on this. Using papers that looked more elegant to me. I didn't want to make it over the top fancy, so I softened it up some by adding a little "puffed heart sticker" to the pocket and adding a light blue sheer ribbon, as well as inking a soft brown color around the tag.

It was a fun make for me (all my cards are) and as far as who will get it...I have no idea yet! Though I know it'll put a smile on someone's face!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Birthday Blast Card

I made this card for my son who is turning four. I wanted to keep it very simple and easy to do. My kids seem to always tear the card or damage it in some kind of way, so thats another reason i kept it simple (no hurt feelings). :)

All the supplies I used except for the paper and cardstock were from my "2011 Stamping Royalty" prize package.

A little bit of white cardstock, some precious metals silver paper, some textured blue paper, birthday stamps, colored pencils, jewel stickers, and a ink pad you can do it too! I kept in mind that I didn't want this card to be a time sucker for me. All I did was stamp my rocket on a piece of white cardstock, I stamped it at a angle as if it were blasting off into the sky. I then added a few stars around it and stamped my greeting at the bottom. While that was drying, I then cut my papers to the size needed for my card. After drying I colored in my stamps, using colors of my choice and then added my jewel stickers. I then layered all the papers and attached them to my card (you can choose the adhesive you prefer). I did also stamp the inside of the card with 'happy birthday' but your welcome to leave it blank.

It's Official!

I am so excited to announce that I'm a winner of this years PaperCrafts magazine "2011 Stamping Royalty Contest"!!! This was my third year entering this contest, I felt very good about what I submited in. As time went by, I was crossing my figures and was thinking how cool it would be if I won. Well, it came! Two days before my birthday I received an email stating that I had won in the birthday catogory! That was one of the best birthday presents I could of asked for! The funny thing is when I saw the email I had no idea who it was from, I saw the heading but I was somewhat unsure about opening it. I was thinking it could be spam or some kind of joke. I'm so glad I opened it! Even after I opened it I had to read it about 3-4 times before I was like, "this is the real deal"! I still have the email and I dont know if I'll ever delete it. :) After knowing I won something this big, I had to stay quiet for about week before I could spill the beans. Do you know how hard that was!?! Well, I'm not quiet about it anymore and this was a little something that was made for all of us winners!

Friday, June 17, 2011

my first blog!

this is my first try at this, so bare with me people. lets see how far i get with this.