Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just a reminder!

Hey y'all! I just wanted to quickly stop in and remind you all, that Google reader is going away! I would love to stay connected with you all, so you can follow me at Bloglovin'. I have a button on my sidebar, that will take you right to my blog. :)

Thank you and I look forward to staying in touch with you all! :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hey y'all! Happy Thursday!! Another week just flying on by....though I'm happy it's Thursday, because my husband will have the next couple days off. Which means.....I get to take a little bit of a break! :)

So, today I'm stopping in to share a card I made for the current Casology challenge! I had to do some thinking on this, but I think I got it! ;)

How did I get 'love' from the cue card 'free'?.....Well, love don't cost a thing! Therefore, it's free. Free for all. :)

One stamp. ONE stamp, is all. And top it off, some black sequins. Three to be exact. :) I really love the lined paper, so I wanted to show it off.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day! :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

You're so cool

Hey y'all! This is my second post of the day! To see my exciting news, please scroll down! :) 

So, I came up with this card last night. I was eyeing the colors from the current The Play Date Cafe challenge  and was trying to think something up.....And this is what came to me! :)

Oooooh, I can't seem to get enough of those "Zigs & Zags" stamps!! lol LOVE them! ;) I first stamped on my orange 'zig-zag'. Then my green 'zig-zag'. And lastly, my yellow 'zig-zag' which I layered over the first two 'zig-zags'. Easy, right?! :) After doing all of that, I added my sentiment and some black sequins. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoy your day! :)

Some EXCITING news!

Hey y'all! Happy Monday!! :) I am so happy to be able to finally, share some exciting news with you all!! :) I am happy to announce, that I'm a part of SRM Stickers Design Team!!

Yaaaay! I am so excited! :) I can't wait to share with you all, so many fun and cool projects! And it just so happens, I have a little project to share with you today...and it's NOT a card (though, I will have more of those coming)! lol ;)

Oh, how much fun this was! :) I used one of SRM Stickers, Glassine bags. Which I used a embossing folder with, for my "x's and o's". Then used some SRM Stickers (Labels by the dozen-Everyday Brights #63001 & We've got you border-Bright #57008). And to top it off, I used some twine from The Twinery (Maraschino).

To get my 'label' to pop-up. I used a piece of white cardstock and used a 'die' to get my circle. Then I placed my sticker on top of it, and added foam squares to the back. And for my bow with the twine, I folded the top of the bag over, and then punched a couple small holes in it and added my twine through it.

Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to head over to SRM Stickers blog, to see all the fabulous Design Team members!! :)

Enjoy your day and I'll see y'all soon!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Hey y'all! Happy Sunday! :) I just wanted to stop in real quick and share a card I made. I made this card for two challenges. I saw the current Case this Sketch challenge and was lovin' the sketch! Then, I saw the current Casual Fridays challenge and lovin' it, too!

And here I am again, with one card for two challenges! :)

Just having some fun again and playing around with Casual Fridays 'Zigs & Zags' stamp. I created a background with it. Then added some sequins and a little banner. And to finish it off, my sentiment. :)

Now, for the 'Case this Sketch' challenge. I went off the sketch, though I just 'tweaked' it slightly. For the background, instead of having it off/at the edge of the card, I just moved it over some. For the three little flowers in the sketch, I used little bunches of sequins and a banner in place of them. And I kept the sentiment in the same place. :)

And to incorporate the Casual Fridays challenge. I hung my banner, over the edge. :)

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day! See y'all real soon! :)

Sky's the limit

Hey y'all! Happy Sunday! It's that time again.....time for another CAS on Sunday challenge!! :) For this challenge, it's all about making a 'one layered' card!

Here's what I did!

Since this is a one layer card, I want to give my images a little 'pop' by doing some masking. I masked off the  small cloud, so I could have the big cloud sit behind. Then I masked off both clouds, to have the sun peeking out behind them. And then added some little yellow 'swirls' around my clouds and sentiment, to bring it all together. :)

So, are you ready for the 'one layer' challenge??!.....There's a wonderful prize from The Alley Way Stamps, up for grabs! All you have to do, is play along for your chance to win! Easy, right?! ;)

 Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoy your day!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are we there yet?

Hey y'all! :) What is it...Wednesday, already?!! lol How much quicker can these days go by?!....Well, today I'm stopping in to share a card I made for the current Casual Fridays challenge! :)

So, here's my card!

This took some thinking. Though, I think I managed to come up with something decent?!.....Hopefully, this still classifies as CAS?! ;) I had some fun with this card! I decided to use some pattern paper, added some 'tickets' and a piece of flair. And for my 'dotted zig-zag line' I used Casual Fridays stamp set Zigs & Zags. I just colored one of the lines, instead of all of them.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thinking of you.

Hey y'all! Well, I'm back! And this time, I think I have somewhat of a 'masterpiece'! lol  At least from what yesterday's card was. ;)

All I keep seeing is 'stripes'. Stripes on cards, stripes on clothing, people painting strips....the list can go on and on. So, I thought of striped paper. First off, I didn't even know if I owned any striped paper. Secondly, what was I even gonna do with it. And lastly, would the outcome be something I would like. Well, after
some digging and thinking, I came up with something!

Yes! Kept it nice and simple. :) I used a 'soft white' cardstock base, rather than white. Added some twine (well, actually I didn't have any natural twine. So, I took a piece of burlap and pulled off some strings from it). And added a wood veneer piece. Then topped it off with a simple sentiment. :)

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day! See y'all real soon! :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Where has the time gone?!....

Hey y'all! Happy Monday! Where oh where, has the time gone?!.....I have not posted in awhile because I'm in one of those creative slumps again. And I'm trying to stay afloat, with my kids being on summer break. If only I had their kind of energy!...... ;)

So, today I'm stopping in to say, 'hey, I'm still here!'. And to share a card. Though, I don't even know what to say about it! I tried making card, after card, and everything was just 'blah' to me. Nothing I would personal want to share. Then I turned to making something so simple,  thinking how could one mess that up?!.....So, here is what I came up with.

Ugh....I don't even think this is up to par?!...Maybe I'm just being to hard on myself, I don't know?.....But it's a card and it is CAS. ;)

Well, this 'slump' better end soon! I'm really starting to get frustrated about it!! I hope to be back real soon with a CAS masterpiece! lol :)

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hello and Happy Sunday!

Hey y'all! Happy Sunday! Hope you're all enjoying your day?!! :) I'm stopping in today because it's 'that' time again....time for a new CAS on Sunday challenge!! And what another fun one, it is! :)

This time you have to use 'black, white and YOUR choice of one other color'! Here's what I did!

Yep. Pink is what I chose! :) I love the pink with the black and white! So, what's your color choice??!....If you come on over and play with us, you have a chance to win a prize from The Alley Way Stamps!!! :)

Sooooo, what are you waiting for?!......Hope to see you there! :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Hey y'all! Happy Saturday! I hope you're all enjoying your weekend?! :) I'm just stopping in real quick to share a card I made for Casual Fridays current challenge.

And here it is!

And if you look closely, you can see a little enamel dot peeking out by the button. :)

How this came to me, I don't even know! lol I'm really starting to question my skills. Half the time I just go with 'whatever'. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In this case, I think it worked out quite well?!...I'm kind of lovin' it :)

I kept it simple, though I added quite a few different embellishments. I'm not sure if I went overboard on that or not....I think the enamel dots, clouds, button and twine all 'go' together....?...... ;)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Back again!

Hey y'all! Yep! I'm back....and quick, might I add! :) Yesterday, I was able to whop up a couple cards. Though, could not post them because of my weather. I don't have any fancy photo equipment to do really anything else, but wait for some 'actual'  light.

So, this card is for the current Case this Sketch challenge. I was was lovin' the sketch and wanted to give it a try.

Here's what I did!

Yep. Stuck to the sketch and I didn't even use any stamps!! That's a rare on for me! ;) Though, I have to say I do like how my card came out! :)

Thank you again, for stopping by and enjoy your day!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A happy card.

Hey y'all! Happy Sunday, I hope y'all are enjoying your day?! I woke up to 80* weather, which I love. Also, considering the fact it was only 7 o'clock!! Really, how can not enjoy stepping out into the warmth?! :)

Anyhow, I'm really stopping in to share a 'happy' card I made for the current Casual Fridays challenge!

Now, I was just gonna do your typical 'Congratulations/Congrats' card. Then, I did some thinking. And this was what I came up with! :)

Yaaaaay! Hurray for you! ;) I was quite surprised, that I was able to make this card come together! It took some (a lot) of trail and error. I played around with so many things, what to add, what not to add, if and how to layer things....there were a lot of things running through my mind! Though, I must say, I'm happy with my outcome and I think it fits of a Congrats card?!! :)

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day!