Monday, September 29, 2014

Coffee Lovers, bloghop!

 For my Poppy Sketches post, please scroll down. 

Hey, y'all! Again, Happy Monday! :) Today, also marks Nation Coffee Day and with that being said, why not celebrate it with a blog hop?!...I'm joining in on the fun at Chaitali's blog! :) If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure too! There's a lot of fun going on over there! ;)

So, here's my card!

Once again, I'm playing with Lawn Fawn! I think this set works perfectly, for a coffee lovers challenge...don't you?!...

Nothing but a short and sweet post. ;)  I'm going to be doing some hopping! Though, I also have one sick kiddo, today. :( So, I'm doing a bit of juggling around with things!

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Happy Halloween

Hey y'all! Happy Monday! Today, we have a brand new sketch at Poppy Sketches! And another fun one it is! ;)

So, here's my take on it!

Keeping things fairly simple. I focused all my colors in my 'character'. I actually, pulled out some Copics for that! ;) Then, did some cutting. For my sentiment, I stamped it 'running down' my card and added the lines with a black pen/marker. To finish things off, I added a few black enamel dots. Simple, yeah?!...So what do you think?!...

Be sure to swing on over to Poppy Sketches to see all the DT creations! Sure hope you'll join us?!!...We have another fun sponsor, Starving Artistamps! (the sentiment and little character above is from them.) Hope to see you join us! :)

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Sunday, September 28, 2014've got this

Hello, friends! Happy Sunday! I'm swinging on in because we have a brand new challenge up at CAS on Sunday!  And another fun one it is! ;)

So, this time we want you to 'case' this card.

And here's my take on it!

Trying to keep things nice and simple. I decided to make a tag, rather than having a strip of paper. And I was going to die cut my tag with a word or even a design, but after some thinking decided not to. So, I went die cutting my word in gold metallic paper and adhering it at a slant. Then, the rest just sort of came together. :) So, what do you think?!...

Be sure to swing on over to CAS on Sunday and see all the DT creations! And if you join us, you have a chance at being our Guest for the next challenge!...How fun is that?!!...Hope to see you there! :)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For you...tea and cookies

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday, we're half way through the week already! And I'm still not sure where the time is going?!! ;)

I'm swinging on in, to share another 'little' card with you. No challenges or DT work, here. Just for fun.

I am LOVING Lawn Fawn's new releases!!! They are just soooo sweet! :) (and this is all just 'in my opinion')

So, playing around. I ended up using the stamps and dies together. And mixing two different sets together. I started with my cookies and plate. Then, thought of 'wood'. Yes, wood. I think I was along the lines of thinking 'picnic table' or something. ;) So, after going through my scraps of paper, I found some wood! lol (does that even sound right?...) Anyhow, did some trimming with my wood and decided to let one side slightly over hang my card. (and I'm sorry, but I'm about dying from laughing over here about my post! lol Please forgive me, maybe you'll have a laugh too?!...This wood thing is just not sounding right.) Okay. After I laid my wood piece, added on my plate, cookies, and tea on my card (though, I did NOT adhere anything, yet). I placed everything so I could see where to stamp my sentiment and steam at. Once figuring that out, I stamped on my sentiment and steam (and my steam is very light. So, hopefully you can see it some?). Then adhered my wood, cookies, and tea. So what do you think?!...

And hey! I could have sat here and probably change my whole post, but why not have a laugh or smile?!...Hopefully, I'm not the only one that found my post to be somewhat funny?!...It could be time for another cup of coffee or maybe I had too much?! ;)

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Friday, September 19, 2014

The SRM Challenge

Hey y'all! Just swinging on in, to share another project I made for the current The SRM Challenge. This time I changed things up a bit. Went from making a card, to making a gift bag. ;)

So, here's my project!

Keeping my bag nice and simple. I used some felt to make the apples. Which I used a circle die and then did some 'free hand' with my scissors to form an apple, All the leaves and stems were also cut 'free hand'. After all the cutting, I assembled each apple together and adhered to my bag. For my little banner, I used an SRM muslin bag and just cut a banner from it (which I did pull some of the 'threads' from the edges of it). And to top things off, added my sticker to the banner and one little gold sequins. So, what you think?!...

Be sure to swing on over to The SRM Challenge to see all the DT creations! You can also see what's up for grabs and all the info you may need! Hope to see you there!!! :)

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

sweet wishes

Hey, y'all! Happy Thursday! :) Hope all is well?!...I'm swinging in today, to share a sweet little card. And when say 'little' I do mean little. ;)

I was also going to enter this into the last Casology challenge, but time got away from me (and not to mention the weather). So I wasn't able to get it uploaded in time. :( Though, I'm still gonna share it because I think it's too cute, not to! ;)

Honestly, I was just having fun with this card. I have some of Lawn Fawn's new stamps and still need to put them to use more! So, I'm starting now! ;) When I saw the last Casology challenge being 'three'. I thought, a cookie, a glass of milk, and a plate. There's a good three, yeah?!...But then I also added little groups of three sequins, too. So what do you think?!...

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Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm thinking of you

Hey ya'll! Boy, oh boy, it's a busy day on my blog! ;) Okay, if you missed or are looking for my first post from Waffle Flower, please scroll down. So, I'm back today because we have a brand new challenge up at Poppy Sketches! And another fun one it is! ;)

So, here's my take!

Once again, sticking with things nice and simple. I used my feathers with the three colors and stamped them on my card. Added my sentiment in black and to finish things off, added a few clear sequins to my feathers. I also did decide to flip the sketch. Instead of having my placement on the right side, I went for having it on the left side. So, what you think?!...

Don't forget to swing on over to Poppy Sketches to see all the DT creations! Our sponsor for this challenge is Stampendous. Which I used on my card. ;) ...Hope to see you there! ;)

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Creative blog hop

Hey y'all! I'm back again, today! ;) I was recently asked by Judy, a sweet friend of mine, if I would be interested in participating in the 'Creative blog hop'. I've been seeing a lot of friends playing along, but didn't know if it was gonna come my way or not. Well, needless to say, it did and I was thrilled when Judy thought of me! :) Thank you, Judy!

So, here goes!

What am I working on?

Well, to be honest, I'm working on quite a bit of things. Yes, some DT projects (and maybe even a few challenges). But I'm even trying to do some things around the house. Like helping my husband build this fence for our yard (who ever said that's quick and easy, must not have built a very good fence! lol or my husband is just that picky. ;)) and I'm trying to design the inside as well, which you would think with all the cards I create, I'd have no problem doing so. However, I keep referring to these DIY books/magazines for ideas/help. ;) So you could say, there's good amount of activity going on right now, to keep me busy.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

You know, this is a hard question! I'm sure everyone does have their own 'signature', indeed. But to know my own, is tricky. I tend to 'go with the flow' of things and whatever that may lead to, then that's what it leads to. Maybe I'm more 'settle' at times, maybe I'm more 'wild' at times?...I'll will say one thing though, I'm not afraid to mix things up a bit or 'break some rules'. ;)

Why do I write/create what I do?

Simple. I LOVE to make cards and share them with others! :)

How does your writing/creative process work?

Seriously, I wish I had one! But I don't! lol I just take it one day at a time. Some days are better than others. Usually, something comes to my mind and I try to work off of that. And knowing how I think, it's a 50/50 chance that my idea will come together. ;) If that doesn't work, I usually stare at some stamps or paper and wait for a 'oh...yeah' moment.  And if all fails me, I will sometimes take a break (and by break I mean, it could be 10-15 mins to a day or two! lol). And you really wanna know something?...I have had many cards come to me in my sleep! Yep, I kid you not! The only problem with that is, half of the time I can't remember what the card looked liked in my dream! So, then it does me no good! Ha! ;)

You can find Judy's 'Creative blog hop' post, here. And here are the crafty friends I chose to tag...

Besides from being a totally sweet person, she is one talented chick! From layouts to cards to loving her ribbons (and many other things), she's sure to inspire you! :) A person I'm so happy have to met in the 'crafty world'. I'm talking about, Lalo from Naniwale! Make sure to swing on over to her blog and see all her awesome creations! :)

Are you ready for another totally sweet person?!!...She will knock your socks off with her 'cuteness overload' in all her projects! She has some awesome coloring skills and love for pattern papers! I'm am so happy to have met her through the 'crafty world'! I'm talking about, Annette from My Clever Creations! I always love her work and I'm sure you will, too! Be sure to go and check out her blog! :)

And I have one more totally sweet person to tag...Which I feel soooo bad because I did not check my email and so I did not know that she was in on the fun...I AM SO SORRY about that, please forgive me! 

Okay, so talk about not only being a sweet person. But someone who knows how to 'work' the mix media like a rockstar, that she is! Her coloring is simply, amazing! She creates cards to everything in between...She is no other than Isha from New Ideas! Hands down, she is one to be inspired by! Be sure to swing on over to her blog and see! :)

Thank you, ladies for accepting to join in on the fun! :)

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Waffle Flower Challenge

Hey y'all! Happy Monday! I'm swinging on in with another card to share, for the current Waffle Flower Challenge.

So, here's my card!

I went with the 'build a scene' again. Though, decided to look at the stamps in a different way. I've been seeing lots of people turning stamps into fruits, among other things. And was thinking, if only I could maneuver myself into doing something.?...Well, I manged.

With some trail and error, I came up with an orange. And why not an orange?!...After all, I do live in Florida. ;) Then, using the 'you're one out of a million' I thought it was another sign of how it goes together. I mean, you always get that ONE good orange, that just doesn't compare to others, right?! But of course in case, we are referring to a friend/family/loved on/someone special. Though, it works, yeah?!...

I dabbled some light orange ink for a settle background. Then used a 'flower stem' for the branches, using a brown ink. Added some green leaves and randomly, put some 'baby oranges' (group of little dots) next to the branches and leaves. Then, added my one main orange, hanging from the tree. And after doing so, I added my sentiment next to it. So, what you think?!...

Be sure to swing on over to Waffle Flower, to see all the awesome creations and to join in on the fun!...Hope to see you there! :)

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Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hey y'all! Happy Sunday! :) Today, is a new challenge at CAS on Sunday and we have a brand new sponsor!!!

We're all about using sequins to make a celebration card, for this challenge! And if you happen to join us...You'll have the chance at winning a 15$ voucher to Create a Smile stamps!!! How awesome is that?!!...

So, here's my card!

I love sequins! Though, I really have never used them a little bag before, but after seeing many crafty friends do this...I thought I'd give it a try. And I'm happy to say, I'm lovin' my card with the little bag of sequins! ;) So, what do think?!...

Be sure to swing on over to CAS on Sunday to see all the DT creations! I hope to see you there! ;)

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

A little card and gift bag

Hey y'all! Happy Thursday! Hope all is well?!...Today, I'm swinging on in with a little something different. ;)

So, my husbands birthday is this weekend and I needed something to put his gift in. After some thinking, I thought a gift bag would be perfect. Really, it was my way of saying, it's quick and easy (not to say, I don't wanna put time into my husbands gift...but he isn't the best when opening things. Ha! I can see him saying, "geez, thanks honey" for telling y'all that.)

Anyhow, I have some SRM Muslin bags and actually had one, that was the perfect size! Then, I saw Laurie's card hanger dies staring at me, and knew I needed to actually put one to use! So, after all that thinking, here's what I came up with!

Okay, so starting with my little card. Little it is. I took some white cardstock and stamped on 'celebrate'. I used my stamp with a distress ink, then spritzed water on it and after, stamped it first on a scrap piece of paper, then on my card. I really, wanted it to be faint. Yet, still see/make out the word. Easy, yeah?!...

Now, on to the bag. I started with my muslin bag. Then after using the card hanger die, with my cardstock, the REAL thinking began! How was I gonna incorperate this die into my bag?...Do I just 'slap it on there'?...Do I try and trim it somehow?...Hmmm...Then, it came to me! How 'bout making it like an added detail to the bag (fancy the bag up some) and still have it function for the card to fit! Yes, that is what I'll do! ;)

So, you see on the sides, what I did?!...I needed to hold this card hanger die on the bag! So, I used my crop-a-dile punch and added my holes, then placed on my 'studs' (I can't think of what you call those things?!!...). Now, my 'studs' were flat. But you see the 'indentations' in them?...Well, I didn't want too clean of a look, so I turned my crop-a-dile punch tool upside down (so the 'point' was towards the flat side of the stud) and gave it a good squeeze. And 'Ta-Da'!...Really, loved how that worked! ;)

I was gonna use the card hanger die with only the back of my card, through the die piece. But after trying and have the top of my card stick out and make it hard to truly see the bag. I decided to slip the whole card through the die and I think it worked, perfectly!?!...

So, let me know what you think?!...

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Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey y'all! Hope all is well?!...Just a short post. I'm swinging on in today, to share a card I made for the current Lawnscaping Challenge.

So, here's my card!

Keeping this nice and CAS. I added a hint of brown ink for some 'steam'. Then stamped on my coffee mug and smiley face. Which I added a little 'moss' color, around the edges of the mug and a 'brown' inside the mug for the 'coffee'. Lastly, added my 'smile'. Simple, yeah?!...

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Halloween

Hey y'all! Hope all is well?!...Today, is a brand new challenge at The SRM Challenge! Another fun one it is and I hope you'll join us!?! ;)

So, here's my take!

I chose to go with the sketch. I wasn't planning on a Halloween card so to speak, but in the end that's what I got. ;)

I was playing around with some foil papers and thought of embossing it with woodgrain. And once I did that, I seriously thought 'what next!' (I had no clue what I was gonna do). Then, when going through all my SRM Stickers and trying to chose which ones I wanted to use...The little spider one jumped out at me. Seemed fitting?...A spider with wood...sounds about right, yeah?!...I decided to put my spider sticker on a SRM black punched piece. I know it's hard to see the legs and all, but I thought it was pretty true to how a spider 'blends' in with things at times. I really don't like spiders and even talking about them, gives me the creeps! lol Though, this little spider is actually cute! ;) So, what you think?!...

Be sure to swing on over to The SRM Challenge to see our Guest Designer and all the DT creations! And you can even see what's up for grabs if you join us! Hope to see you there! :)

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Monday, September 1, 2014

You've got a friend

If your looking for my Virginia's View challenge post, please scroll down.

Hey y'all! It's my second post of the day! And this time I'm back because we have a brand new challenge up at Poppy Sketches!

Okay, so here's my take!

So, let me be honest for a minute. I have to sort of laugh at myself. When making this card, I was so focused on incorporating the sponsor, that I forgot about not only about the colors, but the sketch itself! lol Leave it to me, to do something like that! Though, once I came to my senses, everything fell into place. ;)

I started with my fame and adding some light pink color to it. Which, I used a gelato with a little bit of water and just smeared it around (using a piece of foam and my finger). After that, I stamped on some flowers using a light pink ink. Once done, I added my sentiment in black. Then, added a little piece of red scalloped paper underneath. To finish things off, I added a piece of off white/neutral color burlap under my frame. And a top strip of pink cardstock with a mini clothespin, to tie everything together. So, what you think?!!...

Be sure to swing on over to Poppy Sketches and see all the DT creations! And I sure hope you'll join us?!!...Hope to see you there! :)

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Pattern Paper

Well, hello friends! Hope all is well?!...I couldn't be anymore happy right now! A little while back Virginia had asked a few of us, if we would like to be a Guest Designer for her next challenge. Honestly, I had to reread her message because I couldn't really believe what I was reading! lol Me?!...A Guest Designer for the next challenge?!...Seriously?!...Yeah, it was pretty much like that! lol After knowing this was no joke, I was honored to accept her invite and totally happy! ;) Thank you again, Virginia!!! :)

So, the challenge is all about Pattern Paper! Which, I focused on Paper Piecing. And if you know me, you know I don't always do much of paper piecing. Though, this is one of the reasons I love Virginia View's Challenges! These challenges push me to play around with things more and also to experiment with new things. All while having fun! ;) Okay, okay. Here's my card!

Well, that's my card. When I thought of paper piecing, I instantly thought of the Ori Kami Altenew set. The images in the set I think happen to be perfect for paper piecing. And I think it's something anyone can do! ;) To start, I stamped my image (in case, the butterfly) on several different papers. Then one by one, I cut each of them out. After, I had to do some thinking, as into what papers I wanted for what pieces. Once figuring that out, I proceeded to cut the pieces. Then assembled my pieces together to make my butterflies. And lastly, added them to my card, which I only chose to 'pop up' the middle one. (*note: I did lay out my butterflies first, to see where and how I wanted them. And I also, stamped on my sentiment before adhering my butterflies, to be on the safe side. If my sentiment would have been stamped crooked/smeared/etc. I would of had started all over! lol) To finish the whole card off, I added some sequins. So, tell me what you think?!!...

You'll wanna be sure to head on over to Virginia's View Challenge and see all the Guest Designers and some amazing inspiration! I sure hope you'll join us?!!...Hope to see you there! :)

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