Monday, July 9, 2012

It certianly is Monday!

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Well, this Monday is starting off, not so good for me! :( I was going through my photo albums online and I was deleting some photos, I thought I didn't need anymore. Long behold, some that I deleted...also, were taken off some blog posts!!! Grrr.....Really?....I think it's way too early, to deal with this. And to start off the week this way?!!!......Something tells me, it's gonna be a crazy week! :/ So, I was able to replace some that were taken off. Others, I can not. I went back on my blog, but I'm not exactly sure how far back some of the photos were?? With this being said, you may come across some photos with a 'error' or not there. Sorry...Everything more recent seems, just fine. :) That's a relief.

Hopefully, you all understand? And no more deleting for least for awhile! lol :) Also, you may have noticed my blog, has some changes to it! Tell me what you think?!! I was playing around with it last night and wanted something a little more 'simple'?.... :)

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day!!!

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  1. oh no...I'm sorry to hear about the clean-up gone can be so frustrating to lose photos. It happened to me with my old computer. Can't be retrieved...:(
    On a brighter note, I really like the new setup for your blog. The colors are great and I find it easier to see your cards. Maybe I'm just a pink/grey/white freak ;)