Thursday, September 24, 2015

AJVD Guest 2

Hey y'all! Hope all is well?!...
I know it's been waaay too long since my last post! With being sick, taking my kids to the doctors, trying to catch up on some DT work and the million other things, I'd say it's been a little crazy around here! lol But I'm back today, I'll be back tomorrow, and I'll be back on Sunday! So hopefully, things will balance back out and I'll be on my somewhat regular schedule. ;)

So for today, it's my second guest post at A Jillian Vance Design!
Another fun Halloween card!

I would love it if you'd swing on over to A Jillian Vance Design and leave some love there!!...Thanks so much for stopping by!

Enjoy your day!
I'll be seeing y'all soon! 


  1. Awwww those bats are the cutest :) congrats on the GD !!

  2. those little bats just make me smile.. i love this

  3. Sweet card, Shelly. Heading on over...

  4. I'm batty over your card, Shelly! Seriously, how cute are those little bats with their smiles AND eyelashes! Adorable!

  5. Absolutely the CUTEST Shelly!! :) Hope everyone is getting better at your house! HUGS

  6. Aww this is adorable!! Love it!!

  7. So cute! Love those little girly bats!

  8. its really really cuuute Shelly
    bat but I am not afraid with this Bat
    the cutest Halloween card I have seen today..