Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Happy Mother's Day (you read that right! lol)

Hey y'all!
Hope all is well?!...We're getting closer and closer to it being Christmas!! :)

*This is my second post for the day. If you're looking for my AJVD post, please scroll down.*

So, you'd think I'd have a Christmas card or some kind of festive holiday card to share. Though, shockingly today I don't. Nope. I have a Happy Mother's Day tag to share! lol Yeah, I'm flying by all the other holidays and going straight to Mother's day! lol

Here's the thing, I saw the current Little Tangles Challenge and got to thinking. I have plenty of Neat & Tangled stamps and dies, but not one tag stamp/die?!...Say what?!!...(Yeah, I'll have to change that!) ;) So, I started looking at the stamps and dies I do have and when I saw the Gardenia Blooms die, the light bulb went off!

Yep. Why not a Mother's day tag made from the Gardenia Blooms die?!...Now, I sooo was going to make a 'shaker tag' with it. However, I then had an idea come to me, if I could somehow do a stained glass type of thing with it?...By all means, I don't think it really looks like stained glass or perhaps it does?...Though, it's something all play around with more.

To achieve my 'look', I used a piece of acetate along with a couple spectrum noir markers. I used the chisel tip of the marker and just added color here and there. Once I was done, I turned the 'colored' side over and adhered it to a piece of white cardstock. After, I added my Gardenia die cut on top. So, what do you think?!...

Have you every tried this or anything similar?...I'd love to know!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day!


  1. heehee Mother's Day.. why not right??? this card is gorgeous.. love how you added the color in the background.. totally LOVE

  2. This tag turned out beautiful!

  3. It's a lovely Mother's Day tag, Shelly! And why not?! You'll be all set for the upcoming holiday, and won't have to worry one bit about coming up with something beautiful; you already have!! It does look like stained glass too. Wonderful idea to color acetate; it turned out perfectly. Love it! Bev

  4. A lovely Mother's Day tag, Shelly! Seeing this, in the midst of the cold weather and the plethora of Christmas cards surrounding me, is a breath of fresh air. Gorgeous!