Sunday, March 6, 2016

Imagine...before and after

Hey y'all! Happy Sunday!
Hope all is well and you're enjoying your weekend! :)

I'm still on the path of feeling better...the one day I felt 10x better, then came the next day and felt darn right awful. Yesterday, was somewhat the same way. Now today, I'm starting to feel better again. All this up and down is driving me crazy! ugh.

Anyhow, as many as of you know, I recently did a 'corner makeover' of my crafty space. Well, today I will share my pretty much finished outcome!...And I say 'pretty much finished' because are we ever really done making over our crafty space?!...Now, I won't be doing much more to my space for awhile. I don't know about you, but it is some hard and exhausting work! ;)

*Please note: This is somewhat of a long post! I'd love for you to stay with me and read everything, just so you can imagine and know how BIG of a makeover this is for me. Though, I understand if you go straight to the pics. ;) 

Okay. So knowing me and how I am, I didn't even think of taking before pictures! I was just excited to finally have a big upgrade, so I didn't hesitate to start disassembling things! lol I'm gonna give y'all a good description of 'before'...


10 years, almost 11 years ago...
Starting out on one side of the wall in your bedroom. Having boxes full of stuff and trying to figure out what you really have, don't have. What you have room for and not. Cutting paper on the floor and folding cardstock on top of a hard book or something other. Then you move to a slightly bigger place and think, oooh I'll have a bigger space. Which that bigger space is a walk in closet. Not huge but bigger than before. With somewhat the same set up of having boxes full of stuff, but able to buy a little more because of the extra room. And going from the floor to a tv tray to cut and fold things on, etc. Then, you move again. To about the same size place, but no walk in closets. Therefore, you put your dresser inside the closet and work on top of that. Which you store your stuff above the dresser on one big long shelf. No light in the closet, so you use what you can from the bedroom light. Then after 3-4 years, you move. again. Though, this time to a house. Which becomes your home. It's way bigger with more room but the storage isn't the best. To start, you use an old tv stand/entertainment center on one wall in your bedroom. With the tv stand you have some storage cubbies/openings, which gives you some actual 'spots' to put certain things. But you still have stuff in your closet and under the bed. You still need more room. Then you 'make do' with things you already have and add a 'homemade' hutch (which is really only 2 shelf's) on top of the tv stand against the wall. It gives you some more storage to add a few more things on. Still not enough room but you work with what you can. Then about a year or so down the road, you add a couple more shelf's on 'L brackets' next to the tv stand. Giving you some more space to add a little more things to. It's starting to look like a real work area, but still not enough room, no chair (just the one you pull from the dining room table) and it's beginning to be an eyesore. With everything stacked upon stacked, nothing concealed, and this still is suppose to be your bedroom. Then, you do some rearranging around the house and want the tv stand/entertainment center back out in the living room. In return you pull a simple three little drawer desk from the living room into your room. Clearly not enough space, but you go with it and make it work. After a month or two, you finally break down and say I'm doing something for myself. That's when you buy an actual desk to house pretty much every.single.thing. and buy storage containers rather than boxes, buy clear sleeves to organize your stamps, and buy storage containers to store your markers in and a chair, an actual desk go all out because your just fed up and tired of things just not doing the job, tired of the eyesore, tired of everything. It's all or nothing.

And this is what you get in return...

A nice, organized, clean work 'corner' in your bedroom.

I put this desk all together by myself! And I now see why people get paid good money to put together drawers! lol (What a time consuming and pain they are!)  ;) 

Inside the drawers and under the desk.

Stamp storage.

On top of the desk and side unit.

Washi tape storage/top of desk.

Markers/ink storage.

Overall work space.

Whew! Sure hope you stayed with me and enjoyed?!!... :)
Over time there may be a few other storage things that I'll do, but for now, I'm done.

In the end, I couldn't be more happier with my new and improved space! And I still have a wonderful bedroom to sleep in. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

And if you have any great storage tips, I'd love to hear them?!! :)

Enjoy your day!


  1. Shelly, it looks FABulous! LOVE all the white pieces!

    Glad that you're feeling better!

  2. What a fabulously compact and organised space... Please come and organise my craft room! Jo x

  3. Walking through your progression of craft space looks like the same path my stash has taken :) one day I may have a Heavenly White Space like yours as well, probably not. One only needs a small corner if done well, as you have shown:))) I do hope you feel better Shelly!

  4. Hope that the 'ups and downs' of this virus are over for you, and that it's good health from here on it! DH is down with it now, and it's certainly no fun. Love your craft space. The white on white is soothing and lovely. Your organization skills are amazing. And you've inspired me...I might have to paint the cupboard and drawers I have in my craft room to match my (fairly) newly painted credenza. Thanks for sharing your heavenly crafting space! Bev

  5. yay for feeling better a little each day.. your new crafty space is perfect... you are well organized..

  6. Your newly organized space looks awesome, Shelly! Let's hope your health is better by the start of the new week.

  7. Oh, Shelly, I'm so happy for you, I could cry! You have more than paid your dues over all these years and are so deserving of this GORGEOUS corner work area! I'm all about organizing and I have to say, I can't think of a single tip! Because you have had to work out of rabbit holes for so long, you have found the perfect place for everything and everything is in its place! I love it!! Happy crafting and get well soon!! Hugs, Darnell

  8. What a beautiful little corner all your own! LOVE the white on white! I'm thinking my walls need to go back to white. I've been throwing the idea around for about a year. I'm just afraid I'll hate it, and painting isn't an easy or quick task in our small space. TFS! And so glad you're feeling better!

  9. oh so nice Shelly. Glad you have your happy place.

  10. It looks fantastic! I bet you're thrilled to have a dedicated space. Happy cardmaking!

  11. I saw this on FB and I have to say that this must feel really good to get it all organized!! I sure wish I could do this always feel better when you complete it for sure!! Everything looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  12. wow so happy for you!!!! the upgrade looks amazing! I could never use white tables though. They're great for photographs but not so great if you're messy and a klutz! I moved out books and other things to make space for craft I am about to declutter my room overall once I have a few days off from work. Hope you feel better soon!

  13. ├Łay for Shelly! Looks like the perfect place to make Simply Sweet Greetings!

  14. I just finished read your story puuuh much to read haha
    but I finished and
    I DONT BELIEV you only have this stuff
    I have 16 drawers and I still need place haha
    Shelly frankly speaking
    I LOVE LOVE your space
    it is tidy white looks so clean and simple like your cards
    and I still dont believe you have only this???maybe you have other room to put your paper..ribbon...other machine like Martha stewart puncher for envelope?
    Shelly I look at your second Photo
    would you mind to help me I want to buy that adhesive too the roll of double side tape..where can I buy with ceapher price,...
    and I see how clever you put your score Pal
    I will do the same hehe :)
    nice to be here and looking again your space my friend
    congrats on that Adorable place Shelly looks cozy cool and I want be there tooooo :) LOL

  15. Your crafty space looks amazing! I'm in the process of revamping and looking at lots of different ways to store, thanks so much for the inspiration!

  16. Oh my! It looks fabulous! I love how neat it is (compared to mine!). My space is in my bedroom too so I totally understand how happy you are with your space!

  17. Oh WOW Shelly - i love your new space - it looks so beautiful and well organized - you have done a great job!!! Huge congratulations on finally having your corner all set up (i know how important it could be as i am also now don't have a regular craft corner...)

  18. Love your work station, Shelly. Beautiful!! <3
    btw, do you have an insta acc?