Friday, November 18, 2016

A Killer Whale Hello

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! :)
Hope all is well?!...

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So a couple days ago, Amy inspired with her adorable card, which you can see HERE. I have had THIS Lawn Fawn die set for a little while now and have only used it one other time besides what I'm sharing today. How could I forget about such an ADORABLE little die set?!...Then again, it's me I'm talking about...which I seem to be known for buying things and stashing it away. lol ;)

Anyhow, here's what I came up with. A killer whale, hello!

I started just with a whale but was having trouble deciding on what colors I wanted it to be. So after some thinking, I thought why not make a killer whale.?. To add a little more white to my whale, I did some easy cutting with another white whale die cut piece and added a tad more white to the 'back' of my whale. Thus, making it more like a killer whale.

To finish things off, I used some patterned paper for my background. (Gasp! lol) Then I used a little bit of woodgrain paper and brown paper. As well as attaching my 'hello' with some mini staples. And to top everything off, I added my waterspout and some sequins. Sweet, yeah?!...

Oh, and guess what?!...I did no stamping on this card!!...Who says you always need to stamp?! lol
And thank you Amy for the inspiration! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your Friday and weekend! See you soon!


  1. Oh my stars, Shelly! Your little orca is adorable, with his ultra cute smile and blue spout of water! The plaid 'ocean'...fantastic! Day brightened!

  2. Genius! I love your sweet killer whale and hello...#madforplaid
    You're awesome Shelly!!!

  3. He doesn't look too 'killer' to me, actually he's totally adorable Shelly

  4. First I see black cards, now i see plaid cards, what the heck is going on here Shelly?!? Hahaha, they're both lovely, of course. Love your killer whale with a cheery smile!