Monday, March 6, 2017

I'm always here for you

Hey y'all! Happy Monday!
Hope your week is starting off right?!...

I tell ya, things have just been so busy lately, it feels I like I just can't find enough time for everything! Anyone else feeling this way?!...I mean, I think we all wish time would slow down some but I'm lost on how to try to gain more out of my days?!? I get all these 'grand plans' then only really get to half of them, if even that. And it's not even because I'm tired...more like my kids or our dog needs attention of some sorts! lol "mom...Mom...MOM...!!" lol And the famous actions from our dog, 'puppy eyes' and 'let me just come sit on you' (and she's far from being a lap dog...a whole 60 lbs far) lol One things for sure, I'm always needed in some kind of way! ;)

Anyhow, enough with me blabbing on and on...I do have a card to share! I made this for the current Altenew March Inspiration Challenge.

I've always been into Altenew stamps from the get go, though lately it seems I just keep going back for more and more of their products. Seriously, I tell myself no more and wouldn't you know...there's all of sudden more! ;)

I kept things simple with my card. I simply stamped my roses on with different inks, matching the inspiration photo colors. Then after, added my sentiment along with some gold sequins and twine. Simple, yeah?!...

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day and see you soon!

I sincerely apologize for not being around much and frequently visiting your blogs...I'm on my way to some commenting now. ;) Know you are all amazingly talented!! <3 Hugs


  1. Absolutely stunning Shelly. Oh I love love all the color.

  2. awesome is your stamping, Shelly! Love the placement of stamped roses...down to the sequins! So glad that you join the fun over Altenew March Inspiration Challenge! WONDERFUL! ps: it's nice to be needed... :)

  3. Yes, a few more Altenew products have found their way into my collection, too, even though I've been trying to 'control' the impulse buying (okay, forget it! When it comes to Altenew and Concord & 9th, I'm an easy target!). As for your Altenew stamps...I think they were made for you! Your little rose from today, your gorgeous blooms here...Yep, the verdict is in: keep the Altenew coming! As for 'being needed', on the one hand, I envy you; on the other, I don't know how you manage! You must run on energizer batteries!