Sunday, July 2, 2017

You're my treasure!

Hey y'all! Happy Sunday and Happy July!! (Where is the time going?!
Hope all is well?!...

I was going through (and thinking) of the pile of stamps that I haven't used much or if used at all...which I must say, I thought I was on a pretty good kick of using them but then after going through my bins, I realized I put a lot of new stamps away before ever actually using them! I think for now on I'll leave them on my desk until I use them, at least once anyhow. ;)

Speaking of using new or barely used stamps, that's just what inspired my card. I believe I've only used these Waffle Flower Crafts stamps one other time, if I'm not mistaken.?...Bottom line, I used some stamps that haven't seen much ink! lol

Do you see my background?!...I actually picked up a sponge applicator! (that's only been sitting in my desk drawer for years. lol) I used a few different color inks for my background which I gradually blended in and I did leave a little white at the top of my card, to make it seem like it was the 'sky' above. After, I assembled all my die cut pieces and sentiment together on my card. Pretty simple, yeah?!...

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day and see you soon!

You probably won't see another post for me until after the 4th. (I have lots of shopping and prepping to do for our gathering.) For those who celebrate, Have a Happy 4th of July!! :)


  1. Glad you 'dusted' this one off, Shelly! What a cute card; it gave me a chuckle with that shark all dressed up as a pirate! Your background is perfection - something I have soooo much trouble with. Can't wait to see what other goodies you pull out of your stash. Happy 4th. Bev

  2. Oh that shark is too cute Shelly!! I love your fun design here! HUGS