Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Coffee Lover's Fall Blog Hope-Take 2

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday!
Hope all is well?!...

Today, I'm sharing another card for the Fall Coffee Lover's Blog Hop.

For my card I used SRM Stickers new Coffee Plans clear stamp set. I kept things very clean and straight forward. Easy peasy, right?!...

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day! :)


I should have explained some things in my first post for the hop, but I didn't. Though, I know many of you usually see me around more in these hops. However, this time around I just am not able to visit everyone. :( It wasn't my plan but hurricane Irma played the impact for me.

For those that don't know, My family and I live in Florida in Brevard county. When Irma came through, our county on the east coast was hit hardest with things and declared a major disaster. We had nothing but tornadoes and flash flooding. It was crazy to see the water in the street almost to our front door...being we live in a no flood zone. And hearing the tornado warnings go off pretty much every five to ten minutes...that made for a long night. We ended up having no water for days and the manholes were bubbling/overflowing into the street. (very nasty) We also had no power for days and days on end. That included no internet/phone/tv and even no cell service or at times randomly here and there. So things were a little tough for bit, though we got through it. After getting things restored and back up, there was still more clean up to do and whatnot. Overall, we are okay and our house had no major damage.

For me, it's been trying to catch up with DT work/etc. With everything being so busy, I just can't put more on my plate right now. I sincerely apologize for not being around for this hop, they are truly wonderful and I enjoy seeing everyone's projects. I certainly plan on being around for the winter hop! ;)


  1. This is fabulous, Shelly. A great sentiment. Some say that alcohol is "liquid courage", but I say that coffee does that trick just fine!

  2. Oh Shelly. I can't begin to imagine what your family endured during Irma. I wishing you tons of coffee to keep you going!

    This card is clean + fantastic!

  3. This is a very cool card, and I am so glad to read that you are not dealing with no major damages to clean up, but it still has to be exhausting. (( HUGS ))

  4. Oh Shelly, I was wondering where you were! I didn't realise you live in FL, too. I am so happy to see you are okay (us, too, down in Broward county). Those tornado warnings are just the worst. One went by our house only 1/2 mile away. Scary! Be well. Darling CAS card.

  5. Very cute card - love the CAS design!

  6. Such a great card Shelley!! So Glad you and your family are ok after Irma!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. hihi cute sentiment really cute
    and love just that tiny mug
    how can you used so tiny image in a big card
    I never do it cause I feel the card is so empty
    but you did it the BEST Shelly
    love this card!!

  8. I am happy that you and family are OK after that IRMA
    big hugs for you Shelly...