Sunday, February 4, 2018

Kind words...

Hey y'all! Happy Sunday!
Hope you're enjoying your day?!...

Besides posting my design team projects, I feel like it's been minute since I posted anything! I apologize about that. To be honest everything has been just fine, though my crafty mojo seemed to been on vacation. lol (Some of you that follow me on Facebook, may had seen that I posted about it.) With so many cute releases coming out and all the beautiful projects I've been seeing, I've been overwhelmed by it all. Anyone else feeling that way?...

I am happy to say, I feel like my mojo has ended it's vacation and made it back to me. ;) So today I'm sharing a card I made for the current Altenew's February 2018 Challenge.

Beautiful inspiration, right?!...

Yes, I kept my card ultra clean. I thought I'd let my big bloom do the talking. Which I did a little masking with and colored with Altenew markers. Not sure if you have tried their markers, yet?...But they have been my go to from day one of getting them. I'm no expert at coloring but they do make me feel that way. lol I love them! (this is just my personal opinion) 

Once I finished my coloring I added a sentiment piece. Which after adding it, I second guess the whole thing because wasn't sure if it was 'readable' over the bloom some?...But then thought, yes it is okay?... 

That's all for me today. I'm off to do some visiting and commenting. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day and see you soon! 


  1. So pretty, Shelly! I can read those very important words just fine! Beautiful!

  2. LOVE the big bloom...such a lovely card!

    P/s: I stopped checking out manufacturers' blogs because I get so overwhelmed by the new stuff.

  3. Apologies for my late visits, sweet Shelly! December and January were a blur, with several trips back-and-forth to visit my mom and family. The most recent was a working visit – starting January 19th – to mark diploma exams for 11 days – with a return on Feb. 1st and more running around from home-base. Apparently, the accumulation of the travel + work + visiting, while a ton of fun, was more 'depleting' than I realized, as I've been 200% sidelined by a nasty bout of flu/stomach flu, that started LAST Monday morning. Nearly a week later, I’m still experiencing zapped energy, wobbliness and overall *meh*…just call me a ‘mess’ *grin*. I'm dreadful at being sick (being stressed about it doesn't help!) but so appreciative of my husband, who is the best nurse/care-giver EVER! I wouldn't wish this flu, in all its various versions, on anyone! ANYWAY, from my curled up spot on the couch (I'm becoming lazy, too!), I spent time visiting your gallery and, as always, seeing your CAS-ilicious creations lift my spirits immensely! In fact, I think I almost feel a twinge of hunger happening! Your bloom here: pure elegance! WOWed by your colouring, too! I'm with you on the so-many-products train...can't keep up, so I'm giving up! Need to play with all the goodies that arrived while I was at my mom's and haven't had a chance to use since being icky. Oh, to have an unlimited bank account *grin*
    Hugs and love~c

  4. WOW. This is simply stunning! That big, red bloom really DID the talking! Thank you so much for joining the Inspiration Challenge at Altenew!