Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Greetings everyone! This is just a little sweet summer card I decided to make before moving on to the cooler months. Not that its getting any cooler here. :) So while its still nice and hot out, why not cool down with ice cream?!

I came up with this card when I was browsing through a soap making book I have. I thought it was just too cute and perfect for a card. I had to figure out though how I was going to make it. It took some thinking, figuring out what paper to use right down to if I ink, chalk, etc. Well, I think I figured it out! For the ice cream I used a heavier weight paper and textured as well. I also embossed a line in the middle, so it wouldn't look flat. For the flavors I used chalk, I wanted to go for a somewhat softer look then ink and wanted to be able to blend them smoothly into one another. I added my stick and ribbon. Then stamped on 'Enjoy'.

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