Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feel Better Soon...

Greetings everyone! Today I share this special card I made for one of my best friends ever!! I wish that today could be a better day, not only for her but myself and others as well. Exactly one year ago today, my friend lost her husband to cancer. It was very hard on her (still is at times) and others as well. Being we live about 3,000 miles away from one another, I figured the best way to let her know I'm here for her, was to make her an extra special card.

I always put my love into making cards but I had to add a little extra 'heart' into this one. I want her to feel what I'm feeling and I know she will. I know from above he will too.

He will forever be a friend of mine and never forgotten.
Rest In Peace~William Steig

Thank you for visiting my blog today :)

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  1. Awesome crackle background! And those popped up flowers are so pretty!