Saturday, November 24, 2012


Hey y'all! Happy Saturday! Did everyone survive, Thanksgiving and Black Friday?!! :) I honestly, still feel stuffed from Thanksgiving! Though, I've been eating leftovers! lol As far as Black Friday goes....It's just not my kind of thing, to do.

Okay, so I saw The Play Date Cafe challenge and wanted to play again! :) However, I didn't really know, if I was gonna be able to get something whipped up or not...with so much going on and then, the colors for the challenge, were getting me stuck again! I don't know why, I keep having such a hard time with color challenges?...Hopefully, it starts to get a little easier for me! :)

So, here's my card!

Please note: The clip is actually a soft pink. For some reason, my pinks always look more red?...

Yep. I struggled, like last time. Then once again, something came to me! I was going through my papers and came across this lined paper. I thought it would be perfect because it pretty much had all the colors in it, but the slate. Can you tell, I was trying to make it somewhat easier on me? Then I was onto thinking. How was I going to use this paper, in my card?...Well, the lines made me think of notebook paper. So, I added a few holes to the side of it. Then I felt, something was need at the top. I use gonna use a folder tab, of some sort but wasn't feeling it. After going through my stash of goods, I came across this little heart clip. I thought it was a nice little touch. :) And just for another little 'pop', I added a tiny light green rhinestone, to the inside of the heart.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Great way to use your stash! This card is so sweet.

  2. Super cute card! Love the "notebook paper"! Thanks for playing at The Play Date Cafe.

  3. So cool! It doesn't look like you had a hard time. The paper is great, and I love that you turned it into notebook paper. I always look forward to seeing your cards! Your work is so fab. :) Thanks for joining us at The Play Date Cafe!

  4. Your card is fabulous! Love your notebook background stamping. Thank you so much for playing along with The Play Date Cafe!

  5. It's so fun when just going through your stashes, the right things jump out at you! Congratulations, Shelly, for the Cream in our Coffee shoutout from PDCC for your super cute card!!