Saturday, June 14, 2014

happy day

Hey y'all! Happy Saturday, hope all is well?!...Okay. So, I made quite a few cards, recently. However, it's taking me some time to actually get them up! My weather is getting to the typical 'afternoon storms for a minute, then clears up' and sometimes that'll repeat itself more than once! And lately, it has! ;) I actually love storms...though, not when I have photos to take! lol

Anyhow, on to my card! So, I made this for the current Seize the Sketch challenge. Once again, when I saw the sketch, I was lovin' it! ;) Now, I knew I wanted to play...though, I do have admit, I did struggle with it. I may have been somewhat in a slump?...Or had too much going on?...I really don't know?!...But, I did get a card made! ;)

So, what you think?!...I've gone over and over in my head, if I really am liking this or not.?. I honestly can't figure it out!?! One minute, I'm saying 'yeah, this is good'. The next minute, I'm saying 'it needs more of something'. I just don't know!?! Something I do know, is I'm gonna try and challenge myself to come up with one more card, just to see what happens. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy your day!


  1. I think its perfect the way it is!! I love that some of the corners are rounded and the heart in middle of the bow is cute!! I love it!!

  2. Simply wonderful! Thanks for joining along with Seize the Sketch! Please feel free to check out my sample:

  3. It's perfect and I love it! Great job as usual :)

  4. What a fantastic CAS design, Shelly! This is a great example of a beautiful use of pattern and color! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Seize the Sketch!

  5. Love your great CAS layout! Great mix of color, pattern, and white!

  6. We had a couple days of weather like that last week - one day there were 2 thunderstorms an hour apart. The dogs couldn't relax after the second one (because you know the thunder's coming to get
    I happen to LOVE this - the ribbon treatment in particular! So glad you came to play with us at Seize the Sketch this time around!