Wednesday, August 16, 2017

One kind word...

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday! (I believe? lol)
Hope all is well?!...

As you can tell, I'm not too sure what day it is. lol I've been watching and attending all these live class sessions for homeschooling and my kids have pretty much been doing the same thing. Though, their sessions are way more fun. lol Next week suppose to be more of a 'on track' week for scheduling with classes and whatnot, so things should start to settle down some and become more routine. ;) Annnd once things get more routine, I should be finding that sweet spot for crafty time. (fingers'll probably be at night, but it's still crafty time. lol)

Anyhow, I am stopping in today to share a card I made for the current Altenew August Inspiration Challenge.

Gorgeous, right?!...
If you know me, you know that these colors are nowhere near my go to colors. lol Though I am happy to say, I tried my best annnd I enjoyed going outside of my norm. ;) 

Well?...I started with focusing on my flowers, which I used blues for. Then brown for my leaves. After I was stumped for a bit trying to think if I wanted a white base or colored or patterned, etc. As you can see, I went with using patterned paper. I thought the strips played well with everything?...

To finish things off, I added some gold sequins and my sentiment down at the bottom. Not too hard, right?!... ;) 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day and see you soon! 


  1. gorgeous card.. i love those blue flowers.. totally fabulous

  2. Absolutely amazing! I would never have guessed that this is something new for you. Your card looks gorgeous. Thank you so much for playing along ♥