Saturday, January 13, 2018

Two cards, one challenge.

Hey y'all! Happy Saturday!
Hope all is well?!...

Yesterday, I woke up to some sick kiddos and today I'm not feeling too hot. The only plus side is it seems to be a quick 24 hr bug. So hopefully that's the same case for me. Ugh.

Anyhow, I did have some time to crafty the other day and managed to get some editing done. So today I'm sharing two cards for the new Twofer Card Challenge.

I actually have been having THIS set around for awhile and just never really used it. And you wanna know why?!...because I have tendency to put things away before using them and forget about them. lol However, I now have been going through things and when I do have something new I usually keep it on my desk until I use it. (Thinking that will help me some.) ;) 

I kept things nice and simple for both my cards. I did choose to use the same colors for each card, though I did change up the layout of things and as well as the sentiment/theme. Simple, yeah?!...

Well that's all for me today. I'm gonna try to eat some and just rest. ;) 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day and see you soon! 


  1. So sorry you're not feeling well, but getting these two beauties posted must have helped a bit! So pretty, Shelly, and totally new to me, too!
    I am Miss Organized, too, and have found a few NBUS in my beautifully organized supplies! Ha! lotta good that does us! I now have a clear acrylic box on my desk that holds everything I buy until it has been given some love...

  2. Beautiful CAS card designs. Love the colors.

  3. Hi Shelly. Two beautiful CAS designs for your feather cards. Love the mix of pretty colours and the black framing. Thanks for playing along with us at Twofer Card Challenge.

  4. beautiful cards.. i love the color combo..

  5. Great CAS cards with a fun color combo!
    Thank you for joining us in the very first Twofer Card Challenge!
    Hope you'll feel better soon!

  6. Very cool feathers, Shelly! Love the colors you've chosen for them, and the beautiful CAS design for each. The black frames really draw the eye into your focal points, too. Sweet cards! Thanks so much for joining us at the Twofer Challenge. Hope you're feeling better by now! Bev

  7. Beautifully stamped!
    Hope the new arrangement gets the stamps more love before they get stored away. :)
    Take care!

  8. Hi Shelly! I am glad to see you in the gallery, especially when you were starting to come down with the bug those darn kids wanted to share with Momma! I hope it was a quick bug for you, too, and you are now all better! Your colors and layout really suit that feather and I'm glad it got some use! I do the same thing: I don't like clutter, so I put my NBUS away and then forget I have it! I need a gymnasium as a craft room so everything can be out but still neat, lol! Thank you so much for playing with us at Twofer!! Hugs, Darnell