Monday, September 2, 2019

Just a quick update!

Hey y'all!
Happy Monday, I hope your week is starting off right?!

I just wanted to quickly swing in and give a couple updates.

First, as many have probably heard/seen...we have a monster of a hurricane by us. 'Dorian' just seems to be taking her sweet ol' time getting to us! We have been through many hurricanes, tropical storms, etc. but nothing is worse than a slooow moving storm. It's a waiting game and you have to always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. So, we're waiting. We still can't be sure if she's going to just ride the coast or if we're indeed going to get the 'eye'?...And the thing about hurricanes, even when trying to track it, you just never know until it's passed. Things can just in a moments notice and we've had it happen like that several times before. Where we live, we are only about 15 min. to the beach and about 5 min. to the intercoastal. So, we're hunkered down and ready.

Next, as many have heard from awhile ago (if you read my past blog post) my husbands mother had stage 4 ovarian cancer and was in hospice for awhile. He ended up getting a call last Wednesday/Thursday and the wee hours that she had passed away. This being right as hurricane Dorian formed. So, that was a little crazy there and I don't things have really 'set in' yet because of how busy things have been.

Overall, things have just been busy/crazy lately. With my husband working, his mom passing, and hurricane Dorian, one can barely think straight. I've been trying to craft and do a few other things, but it's just not happening at the moment. Once things settle down and get back to being somewhat normal, I'm sure things will fine. Though, for now I just ask that you can bear with me. I will be having some things posted soon, but just not sure when. I have a DT post scheduled for this Friday and that's about it, as of now. I'm hoping it won't be too long of an 'absent' from blogging...I thank you in advance for understanding. <3

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to finish some things around the house and then try to relax some.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a great week!

I will to my best to do another update once Dorian passes. Thanks again for understanding.

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  1. Sending you thoughts of safety and comfort my friend!! HUGS