Thursday, September 11, 2014

A little card and gift bag

Hey y'all! Happy Thursday! Hope all is well?!...Today, I'm swinging on in with a little something different. ;)

So, my husbands birthday is this weekend and I needed something to put his gift in. After some thinking, I thought a gift bag would be perfect. Really, it was my way of saying, it's quick and easy (not to say, I don't wanna put time into my husbands gift...but he isn't the best when opening things. Ha! I can see him saying, "geez, thanks honey" for telling y'all that.)

Anyhow, I have some SRM Muslin bags and actually had one, that was the perfect size! Then, I saw Laurie's card hanger dies staring at me, and knew I needed to actually put one to use! So, after all that thinking, here's what I came up with!

Okay, so starting with my little card. Little it is. I took some white cardstock and stamped on 'celebrate'. I used my stamp with a distress ink, then spritzed water on it and after, stamped it first on a scrap piece of paper, then on my card. I really, wanted it to be faint. Yet, still see/make out the word. Easy, yeah?!...

Now, on to the bag. I started with my muslin bag. Then after using the card hanger die, with my cardstock, the REAL thinking began! How was I gonna incorperate this die into my bag?...Do I just 'slap it on there'?...Do I try and trim it somehow?...Hmmm...Then, it came to me! How 'bout making it like an added detail to the bag (fancy the bag up some) and still have it function for the card to fit! Yes, that is what I'll do! ;)

So, you see on the sides, what I did?!...I needed to hold this card hanger die on the bag! So, I used my crop-a-dile punch and added my holes, then placed on my 'studs' (I can't think of what you call those things?!!...). Now, my 'studs' were flat. But you see the 'indentations' in them?...Well, I didn't want too clean of a look, so I turned my crop-a-dile punch tool upside down (so the 'point' was towards the flat side of the stud) and gave it a good squeeze. And 'Ta-Da'!...Really, loved how that worked! ;)

I was gonna use the card hanger die with only the back of my card, through the die piece. But after trying and have the top of my card stick out and make it hard to truly see the bag. I decided to slip the whole card through the die and I think it worked, perfectly!?!...

So, let me know what you think?!...

Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy your day!


  1. yay Happy Birthday to your Husband.. he will love it.. that is just so cool..

  2. I love how you used the hanger die on this! Cute card!

  3. That looks like something right out of pinterest! !

  4. Happy birthday to your hubs! LOVE this very fun, cool and masculine ensemble you put together. Now that is thinking outside the `bag`!! Happy weekend!

  5. WOW, Shelly!! What a great look to your bag! So in LOVE with how you dented the studs on the ends of your die ... amazing detail!!

  6. happy bday to your Hubby and lovely idea to give him this bag and card.lovely set Shelly...