Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For you...tea and cookies

Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday, we're half way through the week already! And I'm still not sure where the time is going?!! ;)

I'm swinging on in, to share another 'little' card with you. No challenges or DT work, here. Just for fun.

I am LOVING Lawn Fawn's new releases!!! They are just soooo sweet! :) (and this is all just 'in my opinion')

So, playing around. I ended up using the stamps and dies together. And mixing two different sets together. I started with my cookies and plate. Then, thought of 'wood'. Yes, wood. I think I was along the lines of thinking 'picnic table' or something. ;) So, after going through my scraps of paper, I found some wood! lol (does that even sound right?...) Anyhow, did some trimming with my wood and decided to let one side slightly over hang my card. (and I'm sorry, but I'm about dying from laughing over here about my post! lol Please forgive me, maybe you'll have a laugh too?!...This wood thing is just not sounding right.) Okay. After I laid my wood piece, added on my plate, cookies, and tea on my card (though, I did NOT adhere anything, yet). I placed everything so I could see where to stamp my sentiment and steam at. Once figuring that out, I stamped on my sentiment and steam (and my steam is very light. So, hopefully you can see it some?). Then adhered my wood, cookies, and tea. So what do you think?!...

And hey! I could have sat here and probably change my whole post, but why not have a laugh or smile?!...Hopefully, I'm not the only one that found my post to be somewhat funny?!...It could be time for another cup of coffee or maybe I had too much?! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy your day!


  1. You're making me laugh too! I'm rating this post PG-13. But seriously, very cute card! Wood and all ;)

  2. Oh wow!! SOOO DARLING Shelly!! Love the wood-grain strip!!! :)

  3. So adorable!!! Love the wood and esp how it looks like the sentiment is rising from the cookies!!

  4. Love how you plan out your card.. I always stick something down and then take it right off. heehee.. this card is adorable.. love those fun cookies and I agree love the new release..

  5. LOL! PG-13 is right! Love the whole picnic table/coffee cup/steam thing you've got going on!

  6. to cuuutee Shelly love that cookies and may I have one LOL and cute sentiment too with that little heart..cute card..hugs, Monika