Friday, July 30, 2021

every cloud has a silver lining

Hi y'all! 
Happy Friday, hope all is well?! :)

I'm swinging in to share a 'just for fun card', no challenges or anything. ;) I actually put to use some Neat & Tangled sets (anyone else miss Neat & Tangled?), as well as a little hot foiling and coloring. 

This card took me a few days to finish and not just because of my slow coloring. lol But I couldn't figure out a background! I was almost tempted to go to one of the craft stores to see if anything would 'grab' me, but decided with the stuff I have, there had to be something. I went through my scrap pile and came across the heart cut out panel I made and just never used, guess it was meant for this card. ;) Once finding that, things then came pretty easy. Don't you love the foiling for the 'rain'?!...Hopefully you can see all the glimmer of colors?...

Well, that's all for me today.
Thanks so much for stopping by! 
Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend! :) 

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